Saturday 14 June 2014

Reunions Are The BEST !

An update from last evening ... Rob had to go out and I went straight to bed after I posted.  However when Rob returned he woke me up of my light slumber as he had gotten a Chicken Soup mix made up, strained it and had a huge bowl of broth for me since I hadn't ate since 6 pm Thursday evening.  He had also bought some Chapman Ice Pops for me.  It didn't end there, when I got up this morning he told me there was a surprise in the fridge for me ... it was a huge bowl of JELLO he had made me the night before !

He is a KEEPER (besides I do not have the time or patience to train another).

I slept pretty well until about 4:30 am or so; got up and went back to bed tossing somewhat.  I think I finally got up at 6 am.

I was still feeling kind of yucky and sick, but still not too bad.

Today had been planned for months.  Us girls from Southampton that went to G.C. Huston Public School together were getting together for our 3rd Annual Luncheon at the Walker House in Southampton.

Since I was under restriction not to drive for 24 hours by the Doctor (and truly a good thing on how I was feeling), and Rob was working, my friend Sandra Bates contacted me that she would come collect me.  Rob took me as far as Hepworth where Sandra picked me up, as we were to meet up with everyone at 1 pm.

There were 13 of us, including me, in attendance this Year.  We had an absolute BLAST with lots of catch up on our lives and memories of our lives now behind us.  It was almost like time had not past from us all hanging together on the School Yard, down at Johnston's Roller Rink, or down at Herb & Ruth's at the Bowling Alley.

Sandra and I were the first to arrive at the Walker House.  We got to meet Mary Putman, one of the new owner's.  It was forever owned by the Harvey & Helen Mahon, when we were growing up, and then later ran by their Son, Bob and Daughter, Barb who recently sold.

Mary was lovely, vibrant and most pleasant.  I also met her son, Jake.  They are great at using the Crabby Cabbie, which we of course most appreciate.

The Walker House was awesome at accommodating us, moving us into the room once known as the "Coffee Shop" dining area, where it seemed like we had our own private room (we had been set up somewhere other then our original request).   

Margie Bates, Julie Masterson, Patti Hodge, Monique Jacobs, Kim Chapman & Debbie Bates.

Sandra Bates, Cindy Masterson, Jane, Laurie & Fran Indoe.

Julie, Jane, Margie, Laurie, Cindy, Sandra, Pat, Debbie, Kim, Monique, Fran Leona and Marie.

Thanks to Leona Graham for the photos, as I had only had my iphone getting the first photo with it.  Really you know I was feeling "off" when I left my camera at home !

Sandra was going to drive me back to Hepworth and then go back to see her Mom, however I told her no worries and had our Crabby Cabbie driver, John, come pick me up and drop me off where Rob met me in Hepworth.  Thank goodness I have such wonderful friends and a fantastic husband so I didn't have to miss out on today.

I am already looking forward to next Year already !!!

Thank YOU always for all the kind comments on my posts, as truly I look forward to each and every one.  I would also like to apologize for not getting around to everyone's blog as frequently as I should with being so busy lately, but truly it doesn't mean you are not in my thoughts.  Also thank YOU to all who follow my journey giving me encouragement to continue on with my daily blog.

The way I am feeling at the moment is telling me I will not be too long from my bed, and hopefully back good as new tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. none of you look a day over 21, do you!!!! I agree keep Rob as it is too much hard work training another one!!

  2. It looks like you enjoyed yourselves tremendously!

  3. Okay Cindy, I just have to ask, how are you and Julie Masterson related?


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