Tuesday 17 June 2014

Dang It All

Dang it all I barely slept a wink in the wee hours of this morning.  One reason was my body was giving me grief with the Fibromyalgia heightening with the approaching storm warnings.  A second reason is something, or rather someone's attitude toward me the past couple of Months has been bothering me.

Funny thing is about this "someone", ever since they made the statement to me almost a Year ago that they "never get upset", I have seen nothing but anger, resentments and negative attitudes numerous times from this same person.  I have always tried to keep business separate from personal as well, however it is very difficult for other people to do so I am thinking ... immaturity is it? or control? always angry unhappy people? or misinformed maybe?  I can only speculate when one is not communicating or being mature about their actions.

The whole thing is I can only control how I am, and not anything anyone else decides for themselves.  How do I further deal with the very noticeable rudeness of this person? continue to ignore it and just continue on as I have been?  or confront it?  Personally I do not care for confrontation one bit, however still think people should not expect that their opinion(s) always be right.  And truly is there anything wrong with people agreeing to disagree?  I think not as Rob and I have had to do this many times in our lives together.

*Sigh* hopefully me putting it out here in front of me in writing will help me let it go much better then I have been, especially when I have so many POSITIVE LOVING people in my LIFE.  I am truly blessed.

I can almost put a bet on that I wasn't worrying about such nonsense a Year ago.  Let's go see by *clicking* back a Year in Time to HERE.  Nope NO WORRY just happy times with Family.

Today I entered our very handsome Bandit's photo in a Pet Photo Contest.  Should you happen to have a Facebook Account, as I think you might require one, I most certainly would appreciate your daily Vote on his photo as follows:

Copy & Paste this link into your Browser:

or find the link at our Facebook Page:

Thank YOU in advance to all who are able to VOTE for us.

Truly he is a handsome dude, and I LOVE this Black & White I captured of him two Years ago.  Just think in another 9 days he is going to be 9 Years Old.  Where has time gone with our once little defiant Blue Merle of a fluff ball, Bandit ?

I am thinking I am going to be enjoying a Date Night very soon with my very loving husband, and that in itself puts a *smile* on my face, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I'll check the link at your facebook page.

    Sometimes with certain people in our lives, the only thing we can do is remove them. Barring that, minimizing contact is the only other step.

  2. I will pop over to your face book page ! People like that don't deserve my time or effort , they aren't happy unless they are making someone else miserable they need psychological help ! I would just ignore them and don't give them the satisfaction of letting them get to me ! Yes my Rheumatoid Arthritis has flared up with the rain storms . Thanks for sharing have a good day !

  3. I am sorry about your Fibro and I hear you:( I try to avoid negative people like that. Take care. Hug B

  4. It sounds like somebody is in denial! Hope you get a better night's sleep tonight. xx

  5. Enjoy your date night :-) I agree with Buttons, avoid negative people, it is a healthy choice my dear cousin xoxo


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