Friday 13 June 2014

Off I Go

I just returned home from the hospital.  Things are pretty blurry, so this will be short and sweet.

All went well and Dr. Kaal did a fantastic job of removing the polyp that was located so close to my colon wall.  By the time I had been there at 1 pm, an OR room never became available until after 4 pm.

Once in the recovery room I was on IV and an antibiotic.  Of course I had to have an allergic reaction to the antibiotic, meaning Benedryl in the IV and a new antibiotic.

I was "sprung" at 8 pm with instructions to be on a Clear Fluid Diet, and tomorrow a soft food diet as there is not to be anything abrasive go near my colon.  I am not to drive for 24 hours, so if Rob is unable to take me to my 3rd Annual Southampton Girl's luncheon tomorrow, I will not be going anywhere.

Thank YOU to everyone for your kind words and prayers, as always they are truly so much appreciated.

I am exhausted, weak and oozier then I normally am, so off I go to bed, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. (((Love & Prayers of health & healing)))

  2. Hi Cindy...So glad to hear things went good for you. Now, have a cup of tea and get some rest. You'll be feeling lots better tomorow. Bess xxoo

  3. Take care of yourself Cindy. Feel better soon.

  4. Glad it all went well - hugs from new Zealand.

  5. Hello Cindy
    So sorry to hear that you have not been well but glad you've got over the nasty op bit. Now its just rest and take care of Nº 1 until you are 100% again. I always get the impression from reading your posts frequently (although I haven´t had much time to comment recently) that you are a tremendously active person. If I may be so cheeky as to say you have to slow down now and take care of yourself until you are fighting fit again!!!

    Take care now

    Amanda x

  6. Aww Cindy, sorry to hear about this, but your a strong woman and by this time next week, you will be your giddy lil self again!! (((HUGS)))

  7. glad to hear it all went well, take things easy today.

  8. Thank God for easy,Cindy
    Jane x

  9. So pleased to hear all went well the are one of the few take care of yourself....


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