Tuesday 10 June 2014


It all began at 7 am when I met up with my Shopping Partners in Crime in Hepworth, that the DANGER began, as we headed South to the St. Jacob's Farmer's Market in Waterloo.  It might be the last day I have to get away this Summer, so truly I had to take advantage.

We arrived at the Market about 9:30.  The fun began ....

It was great to see all the colours "popping" out at us !  and off course who is left behind, just little old "moi".  The flowers were priced very good.  We watched a "AS SEEN ON TV" water hose demo.  Abby bought the cutest little barn and animals for her expectant Grandson Noah.

What a hoot looking at everything !  Sharon got really serious when it is time to think about Granddaughter Katie, as so many cute little girl outfits to choose from.  And Abby?  always finding the funniest stuff there could be to find.

Once I had bought a couple of items, Abby had herself some bought and Sharon had gotten a couple of bags of merchandise we headed on over to the outlet mall to browse around.  Abby got herself a good deal on some bed sheets, Sharon did good on a new bathroom rug, and Abby also picked up a pair of Levi jeans for her hubby.

Then we took off over to 130 Moore Street South in Waterloo to check out ...

Len's Mill Store, where I haven't been in over 20 years I am sure.  It was NO TAX either on purchases.  Sharon got some fabrics and Abby was lucky to get the last off a roll of some Maple Leaf fabric, even getting another 15% off as it had been the end of the roll !!!  I think the girls had been happy with their purchases.

By the the time we had gotten out of Len's Mill Store it had been 1:30 pm.  At this point none of us had eaten yet.  Well once we made it to Marg's Kitchen in Alma, on our way back home, we made up for it.

Abby had the Reuben Sandwich, while Sharon and I each had a Quesadilla filled with lots of chicken and veggies ... then we all got BAD, real BAD when Abby ordered Cheesecake, Sharon ordered Coconut Cream Pie which was really Banana Cream Pie, and I had something even worse by ordering Banana Peanut Butter Cream Pie with Oreo crust.  Geesh I think "will power" had left the building.

We were all tired, however having something to eat helped other then any of us could barely move.  As matter of fact I can still barely move, five hours later.

Abby and Sharon were safely deposited back at their vehicles after we had all split on filling the tank up with fuel.  It sure is nice to have friends all go in together on petrol for Day Tripping.  Thanks Girls, so much appreciated and I had such a wonderful time.

The girls even helped me when I had picked out two Sun dresses that had caught my eye.   Two for $40.00, and then I came across a pair of leggings for $5.00.  I can't wait to get my legs shaved, a bit of sun to colour them up and enjoy the comfort and flow of the Sun Dresses.

When I got home I sat out on the side deck for over an hour as I had been so beat.  Abby said since we did all that walking at the Market today that should have counteracted the food we ate.  I do not know about Sharon & Abby, but I am not eating another thing today !!!

Matter of fact I think I am pretty much ready for bed soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Those desserts look to die for!

    It's nice to see the market up and running.

  2. Great finds! I have to say, you are one of the most frugal people I know - you go to the coolest places and end up buying only a couple of things :)


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