Monday 2 June 2014

Out & About The Neighbourhood

 It just happened to be another "feet hit the floor, off & out the door" kind of day.  Rob was also out the door early.

When Rob did return home he managed to get the deck stained a wee bit more before it started to rain (it had dried too before that happened).  I spent a good part of my afternoon doing some running around town for the WDCC, among a few other errands.  First thing though I pretty much got all the Crabby Cabbie billing down since it was the first of a new month again (or should I say already).

I had such a pleasant surprise today.  Our neighbour, and my good friend, Pari, called me to drop over on my way by her place today.  She is trying to downsize.  Rob & I were hoping next year to get some new patio furniture for our deck, etc ...

Pari gifted us a Garden Swing, and 4 almost like brand new patio chairs with cushions, and a chaise lounge too !  What a wonderful gesture ... I owe her many ice cream cone treats for such a kind unselfish gesture.

I had the pleasure today of being out and about some most enjoyable places in the Neighbourhood around Wiarton & surrounding areas.

Just a Hop, Skip & a Jump from where we live is the The Bruce Beckons.  A very quaint log home brought here from Quebec.  Many lovely Antiques and Country Charm items within its walls for sale, as well as a few unique animals on the property including Silky Hens, which are oh so cool to gaze upon.

Further out of Wiarton, going South with a jog to the West is the Stony Keppel Bison Farm.  Babies were in the field, and check out the "big" guy in the middle photo obviously the one responsible.  I sure wouldn't want to meet up with him in an open field face to face, would you?

Please *click* HERE to view a video & learn more.

After Dinner, Pari and I went for a 3.55 km walk out and about town, drinking in some of the sights I so enjoy out on our walks.

We barely made it back to our vehicle in time before torrents of rain came down.  It is still very humid in the house, however there is a breeze coming through the windows.  I am NOT going to be complaining (I so hope not to) about any heat this Summer, especially after that very very long Winter we just had ourselves.

I have just got to try and get some work inside the house tomorrow.  Heavy on the "try", as one never knows what my day will bring until a new one begins, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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