Monday 23 June 2014

Bring It On !

Busy busy busy, but fun day it was this day.  This morning I managed to get two baskets of partially fold laundry, fully folded and put away, as well as getting some tidying done before my Niece Joanne arrived.

Today we were meeting up for our annual luncheon, as Cousin Brad & Paula are at their cottage in Dyer's Bay this week.  I also invited my neighbour, Pari, along since she knows my Niece, as well as my Auntie Gladys, and it is nice for her to get out.

We had planned on and made reservations at The Pacific Hotel, downtown Wiarton.  I had not eaten there since the new owners took over a few years ago now, and only a couple of times for 2 for 1 Chicken Wings when the previous owners had been there.  I had heard good things about the food, so we were going to give it a whirl.

We had met up at 12:00 on the dot !  all got in, settled and ordered our lunches, as Cousin Peggy had to be back to work by 1:00 pm.

My Cousin Brad, his Wife, Paula, Auntie Gladys, myself, Pari, Niece Joanne, Cousin Peggy, and Cousin Viola.  Thanks to Brad for setting up my Camera and activating the "timer".

Lunch?  let me begin with that we were the only ones in the whole place.  Peggy was very smart, as she had to get going with having limited time, ordering a bowl of soup and side of garlic bread.  I am thinking she had her lunch done with before the Seafood Salads that Pari & Viola had ordered came out, while the rest of us sat there for quite some time before even seeing ours.  Brad & I had ordered the same meal, but his and Paula's came out while Auntie and I still waited for ours.

If you go to The Pacific Hotel for a meal, make sure you have LOTS of time as we never got our meals all at once, nor until almost after being there for a hour.

Seafood Salad was disappointing, and the Crab was still frozen with ice in it.  the Mango Salad was good, however Joanne said maybe a nice piece of crusty french stick would have been good on the side.  Paula enjoyed the Veggie Wrap and Side Salad, however said the wrap could have been filled more.  The Caribbean Chicken Club, both Brad & I had, was AMAZING !!!  the combo of the mango with hot pepper rings burst with flavor.  Definitely a winner in both our eyes.  Auntie had the Pulled Pork Sandwich, which I never captured, which she had said was also excellent.

As I said, if you have lots of time then give The Pacific Hotel at try.  Every Thursday they have their Chicken Wings on "special" 2 orders for the price of 1.

Once lunch was over we checked out a couple of downtown Wiarton Shops.  We parted ways as Joanne had wanted to get home before 3 pm.  Pari and Joanne wanted coffee and dessert, so we stopped in briefly for them to have a treat (I am proud to say I passed as I had been quite stuffed with my yummy lunch).  Ha ! just before we were to leave with our beverages, Paula and Brad also had stopped in for a beverage and treat too.

I dropped Pari off at her home, and Joanne took off to hers.  I wasn't home long enough to make a phone call, when I called Pari to see if she wanted to go for a walk.  We did a nice 4.30 km walk in 54.33 minutes, and burned 286 calories.  I love tracking my walking with the the Endomondo App on my Iphone !

Once back home we had 10 cords of hardwood delivered.  I know, I know, we have 30 acres of bush which has hardwood in it, however Rob does not have the time, nor the energy to fell trees, bring them up and split it anymore, so we are doing what we have to do ....

Winter?  bring it on 

Hopefully 10 cords will be enough, considering we still have 3 cords left in the Wood Shed.

Dinner for Rob and I this evening was simply a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Watermelon on the side.  I could, and do eat a whole Watermelon myself within two or three days.  And it is good for you, not to mention it is only 48 calories for 1 cup.  I could eat Watermelon til the cows came home.

Time to concentrate more on watching MasterChef , Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Grilled cheese is good. Though I've never developed a fondness for watermelon.

  2. I just love your blog Cindy! We have been busy at getting our winter firewood done too. Send me an email to Eleanor

  3. Well, it seems we have yet another thing in common Cindy. I too can eat watermelon until the cows come home:)


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