Friday, 20 July 2012

Welcome Hepworth Community Crafts Market !

"... and the weather forecast is looking pretty good for the upcoming Weekend.  I would love should we have T-Storms at night, as it makes usually for an awesome light show."

The other day Rob came home from his Doctor's appointment then we headed off to Owen Sound.  He was in so much pain with a stitch on his right side he could barely stand it.  I was so "ticked" with him as he never told the Doctor about these severe pains he had been having.  Oh my, if I was bigger I would take him by the shoulders and "shake" the pain right out of that man !!!

I called yesterday to get him a Doctor's appointment along with my weekly scheduled appointment.  This morning we headed on up North of the Checkerboard to the good Doctors in Lion's Head.  I am surprised I didn't have to pull teeth to get Rob to go along .... what is up with some men, do they have to wait until they get hospitalized before they realize "they should have gone in to see the Doctor"???  Pride can't be that huge, is it???  Foolish pride, it must be ?

"Obviously Dr. Loney hasn't managed to hit Rob's "sore" spot as he is still smirking."

"Ah ha, I think he found it, as the smirk turned into a grimace quick enough.  That will teach him for smirking!"

"What do you mean I have to give up my blood now?"

"Believe it or not, Rob actually cooperated by letting the Good Doctor take his blood."

"...and there was lots of it to be taken !"

"Ha !  Rob must have been pretty weak from all that blood he gave up, as he usually never lets me drive.  Now I have him at MY mercy....hehehe ."

"Once we got back home, Rob must have been feeling better, as he staked the tomato plants, to keep them from being battered and blown over by any prevailing Westerly winds we usually have."

"Did you know if you are on a "Water Pill" (diuretic pills) for swelling or high blood pressure reason, that they deplete you of your Potassium?  You should be consuming at least one banana a day, I believe, as a preventitave measure."

Can you believe I picked up all these bananas on the discount shelf at our local Foodland store this afternoon for $2.00?  With the Grandsons arriving soon and smoothies to be made, they fit right in with my game plan, as well as giving Rob and I back the potassium our bodies require of course.

Late this afternoon I received a call from my "Crabby Cabbie"  could I do a favour for him by doing a run into Owen Sound with the Crabby Cabbie Vehicle No. 2.  How could I NOT help my most favourite "Crabby Cabbie" guy?
Off I went ...

....on my way back home I took the opportunity to check out one of the newest Community Craft Markets in the area, located in my very own backyard of Hepworth, directly across the road from where my Father's Auntie lived many many years ago.

I seen many new faces, along with two very familiar ones, who I am always delighted and now look forward to see.

"Upon entering the Community Church Hall the first Vendor was Independent Epicure Consultant, Kris Dawson, who was offering a selection of her Epicure products.  For some delicious recipes or to Shop On Line, you can visit Kris at ."

"Then I met up with Margie Doman, who had her display of Heaven Scent Natural Products.  When I hear or see "natural" my ears perk up, with me having so many sensitivity/allergy issues.  For more information on these "Natural" products, Margie may be contacted at 519-376-5685 or  More information about Margie's products may be found at ."

I was very interested in meeting up with Margie, as she just happens to be one of many Pet Lovers in the Pet Lovers of Bruce County group on Facebook I started a couple of months ago.  Very nice to have met up with Margie in person.

"Scentsy is a product that keeps cropping up all the time lately.  I am thinking it is a very popular product.  Liz Smethurts, Certified Scentsy Consultant, was showing off lots of very nice products at her table.  She may be contacted by calling 519-376--4977 
or at ."

"How could I ever walk by Homemade Baked Goods without taking a "close up" shot of some goodies ever????  Helene Blome of Wiarton is the baker responsible for all these delightful goodies.  I am sure you would have no problem ordering some for yourself by contacting Helene by phone at 519-534-1797.  I do have to admit, I even got to have a sample of one of Helene's goodies and it was a little taste of Heaven, as my taste buds told me so."

"Coming full circle around I was able to meet Mother and Daughter team, Ellen and Becca Simpson of Tara, who had a wonderful display set up of The Pampered Chef available items.  What cook could refuse stopping by to see the wares they had to offer?  Becca may be contacted by calling 519-934-3144 or at ."

Ha !  Upon having a great conversation with Becca, I learned she is also a member of the Pet Lovers of Bruce County group on Facebook as well.  Wow I was so pleased to have also met her in person too !

" I had made my rounds of all the inside vendors before taking myself back outside to check it out there before heading back home."

"This booth belongs to Janet Schnurr of Soul Searching Tree, who does Indian Head Massage, Ion Cleanses, Reiki, and Energy Therapy.  Janet is also an Independent Consultant for Arbonne.  Please check Janet's website out at or Contact Janet at for further information."

"I also noticed Janet brought along some fresh produce from her garden available for purchase.  Fresh and local is always best in my books !"

"Aha !  A familiar face in the crowd and a favourite product as well.  Here is Russell Miner of Miner Maple Products.  Look them up on Facebook at , I assure you, you will not be disappointed with any of their products."

"There was so much to take in by Sent with Love, Flowers, Gifts & Decorating, out of Shallow Lake, I had to take two photos to show off their stuff.  Can't make it to the Market? you can find their store at 291 Princess Street (Main Street) in Shallow Lake, or contact them by phoning 519-935-3003 or Email at ."

"Both interesting and colourful I found "Made With Love" to be.  Garden Art, Wood Turning, Hair Clips and More by Tara Carson & Brian Eagles.  For more information on their wares they may be contacted at 519-534-0941."

"Who can resist Homemade Perserves?  Barb's Sweet Treats, an Assortment of Homemade Perserves.  Barb may be contacted by Calling 519-534-1963."

"Last but not least, is a face I always look forward to seeing.  This is Anita DeJong of Sweet Things From DeJong Acres.  Drop in to see everything Anita & Brian have to offer at , I can guarantee you will not be disappointed, as I never have been."

The Hepworth Community Crafts Plus is located right at the Hepworth Crossroads, beside the UPI Gas Station at the Community Church Hall.  The Market is every Friday from 3:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  Welcome to Bruce County, Hepworth Community Crafts Plus !  I was happy to have been able to have the opportunity to have dropped in to meet you all today.

Should anyone be interested in having a booth at the Hepworth Community Crafts Plus Market, I believe you would contact coordinator, Janet Schurr for information on doing so at 519-372-7955.

I can't believe it is after 11:00 pm already.  I have another full day ahead of me tomorrow, so I had best be soon calling it a night here, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry Rob is hurting. I hope he feels better very soon!

  2. love Pampered Chef products especially the stone ware.

    Hope Rob feels better soon,



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