Sunday, 8 July 2012

A Little "Spice" In Our Night

Last evening, just after I posted my blog for the day, I was at the front door ready to take Bandit out for his last rounds of the night.  I just happened to look out to see a flash out towards the Highway when my heart missed a few beats .... there was Buddy, just at the ditch but not yet on the road.  I went out, crouched down and called.  Thank you "Dear God" as he came running "full tilt" to me, happier then anything to see me....

The snap on his tie-out must not have been just in place as it should have been, as I had checked and it hadn't broken.  I am just so happy to know Buddy has "bonded" with me since getting him on the 13th of May 2013, for him to run to me as soon as called.  Another "Victory" between myself and Buddy, with him safe and sound, along with my heart back in tact.

With Buddy safely put to bed, Bandit had his rounds while I tried to calm myself by taking in the beauty which surrounds us from day to day ...

"I love the bells of the Yuccas."

"Most of the Hostas are now in full bloom."

"The waxy beauty of the Lilies still intact."

"The last bit of beauty showing itself through the trees across the way ...."

Bandit and I returned into the house to call it a night until a new day began this day ahead of me ....

My poor "Crabby Cabbie" didn't arrive home until 5:00 am.  He had been so busy.  

Finally on his way home there was a guy who called him from Hepworth needing a ride back to his home in Hanover, as his bicycle's tire had given out on him on his journey towards the Bruce Peninsula, my "Crabby Cabbie" being the only Taxi he was able to get a hold of.  Rob picked him up at 3:00 am, driving him home an hour one way, then back home here.  He was short money for the fare, so my dear "Crabby Cabbie" left him with our address with hopes he is honest enough to someday repay the difference.  Not so "crabby" after all, as it is just in the name, with a Good Samaritan underneath the "crabby" after all.  LOL

Early morning it was for me, then also for Rob as he was up again by 10:00 am, with us on the road again.  Off to Southampton we went to meet up with ....

"Um, who could that "crabby" looking gal be driving "Crabby Cabbie" #2 vehicle?  Oh that would be Jo, my really not so "crabby" niece."

After filling up both vehicles with petrol, Jo went on her way to collect a pre-booked fare, and us on our way to Timmies for a coffee then home again.  The phone rang, but it was just our luck this time we were still in Southampton, so off we went to collect a delivery to be taken to Owen Sound.

"On our way to Owen Sound, it just so happened we happened across that "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle #2 again !  LOL."

We did make the delivery then stopped for a bit to eat, as we were both feeling pretty hunger with it being well after lunchtime, as we had to make a stop for a couple of items at Walmart after our drop-off.  

Oh yeah, speaking of Walmart, I am telling you I couldn't have been more pleased then to have met up with a gal I had befriended on Facebook a couple of years ago.  Wow !  how nice is she, exactly as she comes across on her Facebook, "bright & fun loving" !  It was great to see you Sue !!!

Oh yes, back to lunch ....

"Uncle Bill's "Fresh Cut" Fries, where we each ordered a Medium Fry."

Right beside Uncle Bill's Fries is the Marine & Rail Museum, 1155 1st Avenue West, Owen Sound, ON. Thinking the fries would be a little bit I thought I would go check it out ....

"Off I went .... are these old Train Station buildings not the "coolest"?"

"Right inside the door is where the Owen Sound Tourism office is located, where it is evident Grey and Bruce Counties are both being promoted.  Sister Counties side by side."

"Just past the brochures to the left is the doorway to the Marine & Rail Museum's displays.  I really had not too much time, however did take a moment to speak with the gal who was there, as well as taking a photo of each of the rooms."

"On my way back to Rob and my awaiting french fries, I could not help but take in the "famous" caboose.  As a child the anticipation for the tail end of the caboose is still a memory I have, after all the cars in-between had first been counted."

To learn more, check out the following links:

We finally did manage to make it back home, where the bedding was stripped, washed and hung on the line in the late afternoon.

"Rob helped me remove the mattress so I could put the new fitted sheet, "Martha Stewart" style, in place of the dust ruffle, once it had dried on the line."

I had just finished taking the clothes off the line, when my Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil pulled in our driveway.

"Bandit was totally ignoring the guys, as he knew who is the one who always carries the "treats" with her, so he wasn't about to leave her side for one moment."

"And Dear Uncle is sporting his "Crabby CabbieLOL"

"While I was getting our Supper on the go after 6:00 pm, Rob was out gathering himself some radishes.  He does so LOVE his radishes."

"After the rain we had Saturday morning, I am sure everything shot up about 2-4 inches!"

"Supper tonight was Kraft's Layered Enchilada Bake, to put a little,  "Spice In Our Night".
  Ground beef and onions sauteing, awaiting the next four ingredients of Black Beans, Salsa, Zesty Italian Dressing and Chili Powder to be added."

"In they all go ..... "

"All ready to be put together."

"First layer complete, just waiting to be topped off with the second one."

"Forty minutes later, just sitting to "rest" for 5 minutes, then .... "

"Ready to be topped off with shredded lettuce and chopped tomatoes.  It was really good, another one of Rob's favourites."

NOTE:  I used PC's Black Bean & Corn Salsa, substituted Kraft Marble Cheese for the Tex Mex, as well as using approx. 1 cup of Sour Cream and 2 cups of cheese, double from what the recipe called for.

Once our supper was over with I had to yet make up our bed.

"I do so like this idea much better then the "dust ruffle" which seemed to always collect a lot of dust.  This way I can just vac the carpet and not the dust ruffle anymore.  Nice clean lines."

Rob went out in the back field with me when I had Buddy out for our walk.  With the hay cut now, we decided we would give him his first planned "off leash" experience with us both there.  I sure wish I would have had my camera with me, had I known were were going to do this as it was "wonderful" to see how much fun he was having.  

I could not be more pleased on how far he has come in the short time we have had him since the 13th of May.  Every day that goes by, I find the bond between Buddy and I get tighter and tighter.  It is a "given" he loves Rob, as all our animals now and past have .... much be his "gentle" spirit they bond with .... lol, the one I fell in love with myself.

OMG, it is 10:25 pm already !!!  I can not leave without sharing the photo I received via email today ...

"Remember Myles?  Is he not sweet?  Thanks Natasha for sending me this day, as I had a smile from ear to ear when I opened this email to see one of our "Checkerboard Aussie" puppies looking back at me!"

10:43 pm now .... okay that is that before I fall out of this chair being so tired, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. dinner looks delicious! How does Rob eat his radishes?

  2. I hate that ICE cold feeling of dread when losing one of the dogs.....
    awful awful! x


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