Friday 27 July 2012

Day 6 ~ Rip Tail Snorters

"After their bath last night the Rip Tail Snorters had to get their Pirate gear on.  Scary are they not?"

It was a very early morning for me this morning, after a night of not sleeping very much at all.  Morning began just before 6:00 am.

"I do love walking out our front door to see flowers in bloom from Springtime until late Fall."

"I can't say I have ever tired of looking back across the fields to our bush line.  So pretty and peaceful in the early morning light."

"Here come the girls ripping back across the field.  I can't believe they actually came on the first whistle this morn."

"I am really excited about how the Peas are flowering.  They should be ready for Aiden to harvest when he comes back after a week at home.  This was always one of Paul's favourite parts of the garden every Summer, "picking Peas in the Pod" and eating them.  A somewhat of a tradition with the Grandboys now."

"The cucumbers, as the rest of the garden, was put in late again this Year, so they have also just begun to flower."

"It won't be long until I am able to harvest the Sweet Yellow Peppers."

"Once the girls and Buddy were looked after, it was Bandit's turn.  I got the "look", as he was seeing if I was watching whether or not he was going to lift his leg on my flower bed.  Far from stupid this boy is !"

I had the boys all ready  and out the door this morning before 8:45 to take them at their last day of Vacation Bible School.  Once safely deposited, I headed over to our local Foodland store to pickup a couple of items.

"I couldn't help but notice this poster just inside the door on exiting.  I am thinking this is going to be a "surprise" outing for the boys tomorrow."

"At $2.97 per Seedless Watermelon, I had also picked up one of these babies too."

"Did I say a "few" things?  $41.89 later ... but Cheese bars @ $4.97 each; Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for $3.97/lb and Real Dairy Ice Cream for $3.97 each, how could I pass up these savings?"

Since today was the last day for VBS, the parents had been invited for the last hour.  I was very surprised to walk in to find ....

"There was an honest to goodness "Magic" show going on !"

"Aiden had even been chosen to "assist" with the Magic." 

The Magic Show was utterly fantastic with each and ever child enthralled with what was going on.  "The Amazing Addison" is local and available for parties and special events by calling 519-372-0331. At the same number, if you are also needing a little "Clowning Around" this is the one and same person to make a "must" to call for that special upcoming occasion.

"This is my friend Sharon who I normally walk with.  It has been a Year this day I met Sharon at last year's VBS.   New Friendships can begin in all kinds of places, can they not?"

"There wasn't a child there who wasn't enjoying themselves.  I do so love capturing my Grandboys when they are unsuspecting."

"Lots of crafts and fun were going on at VBS this past week."

We got back home after the Lunch hour.  I had started lunch before I had left, but still had to do up some finishing touches to it.

"The Boys and Bandit had a bit of loving while I was getting the rest of our lunch ready."

"Bandit was sure lapping up all the loving."

"Lunch consisted of leftover chicken breasts, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, along with our own fresh picked garden beets boiled to tender fork perfection and beets greens.  Oh my I do so LOVE beet greens, spread with butter and seasoned with Salt & Pepper.  Yum yum."

This afternoon the boys spend outdoors making trails through the long grasses.  I do love having the "zoom" option on my camera.

"The photos speak for themselves.  I do so love our Grandboys."

It has been an excellent week with the boys having lots of fun away in the mornings, some quality time alone with Papa, myself and playing together on their own.

Life is good and I am blessed with so much in my life, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard"


  1. Lucky lady!!! A week full of little boys and their toys, dogs that keep you on your toes with a big old grin on your face. Your garden is a sight to behold!!!!

  2. Look at your garden! I only harvested a few zucchinis, kale and a couple of tomatoes so far this year. My garden is not producing as nicely as I was hoping for :(

  3. you'll be sad to see them go I bet?



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