Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 8 ~ Rip Tail Snorters Homeward Bound

I am all in but my shirt tail, so I will let you guess how my day went by posting some photos ....

Just turned 7:00 am Monday morning, July 30th .....and what day would this also be, other then me updating this post since I was too "pooped" to complete the night before?  this day would also be my Sister Jeanne's Birthday !!!  Happy happy Birthday Dear Sister !!!  xo "

Photo Courtesy of Brenda & Vic

Back to my Yesterday ......

"Once the usual chores were out of the way, I was thinking I should bake some brownies for our boys so they can take a few home with them."

"Black Bean Brownies.  All ingredients in the Blender blending until smooth."

With the brownies in and out of the Oven, beds stripped, washed, hanging out on the line, it was time for lunch ....

"Grilled cheeses on Dempsters Mild Light Rye bread with hard boiled egg on the side was the lunch fare Rob and our two Rip Tail Snorters got served up to them this day."

Once lunch was cleaned up with, I was able to retrieve all the bedding from the clothes line, however with no time to make up the beds as it was time ....

".... to collect more important things to ready two Rip Tail Snorters for their ride back home."

"Rob and I decided to leave early so we could make a couple Explore the Bruce Passport stops on our way.  This was Stop # 12 in Paisley."

Our next stop was at the Cheese Haus in Mildmay, Stop # 10 on the Passport (*blush* I just stamped and never took a photo).  Just coming into Mildmay we had to first take advantage of the Rotary Club's wonderful Parkette.

"The washroom facilities here are one of the best I have seen in a park."

"Unfortunately there was no time to release our two Rip Tail Snorters out into the park.  Although they were busy in the Van watching a Scoobie Doo DVD."

It must have been after 5 pm, but before 6 pm when we pulled into New Hamburg, arriving at the home of the Rip Tail Snorters.

"It wasn't long after we had arrived before Mommy and Daddy arrived home from a Blue Jays ball game in Toronto.  There were very two happy boys, and one happy dog to see the Daddy guy."

"Ha !  Connor had to bring out the big Red Monster to scare everybody before we left."

"Rob and I made our way back home enjoying the scenery with horse and buggy being the only traffic going the same way as us."

"Oops this family was going along the opposite direction as we were!"

We stopped in Hanover to have Rob's favourite Dinner of really greasy good Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Then stopped in on my friend's home, who lives in Hanover, to drop her off some Zucchini.  It was going onto 8 pm when we stopped there, with her thinking we had forgotten .... we had a little visit but when my eyes started dropping it was time to head out towards home once again.

We finally made it home, Rob looking after the pack while I loaded photos and attempting to do this post last night, but so unable to.

"With the boys here the past week I was eating lots of food I would not normally eat.  I was feeling it in the way of 2 added pounds on the scales, so I think I am going to have to "blaze" this into my brain to get back on track beginning this week .... oh my, the size of that Ass looks familiar !"

....  I will be back in the morning to fill in the "blanks", until then I am off to hopefully a good nights sleep, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

I have a full day ahead with laundry already in the washer as I go forward, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Wow! You will be relieved - I assumed you were busy this last week or so and I just let you post away and read your posts.

    Sit down and have a good breather - pour yourself a cool drink - put your feet up!

  2. Busy and fun usual :) Love the last picture! By the way, I got your card in the mail yesterday. You are so sweet! Thank you!!

  3. Looks like another full & busy day for you!! :)

    Nice ass by the way... Hahaha!!! ;)


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