Saturday 28 July 2012

Day 7 ~ Rip Tail Snorters

"Last night there had been a little down time before bedtime while Grandma blogged our day"

"There are so Angels on Earth, is there not?"

A new day brought with it a few extra chores along with the every day normal "stuff" that gets my day off to a "kick start".

"What kind of Grandma would send the children home with a bag full of dirty clothes?  Not this one !"

"While hanging out with Papa this morning for a little down time, a little bit of loving was being put out by Bandit."

"Let me tell you I sure appreciate the extra hands out in the garden."

Once Papa adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" hat to leave us for the day I loaded up the boys for the surprise I had promised them this day.  Off to Wiarton's Bluewater Park to where ....

"A Fun Day was being put on by the Wiarton Salvation Army in order to raise money for the Kid's Camp this Summer."

"Not only were we able to have BBQ Hotdogs there were homemade Cupcakes too !"

"With fun stuff perched up on top of each one."

We had fun at the Duck and Fishing Ponds, enjoyed a Hot Dog, drink and cupcake before we headed on over to the park to have us some more fun.

"Connor has this ladder mastered by the looks of things here.  Must have been all the experienced he gained from the Pirate Theme at Vacation Bible School this past week."

"Now you see one .... "

"... and then there was two Rip Tail Snorters !"

"The boys and I couldn't help but notice all the fun going on out on Colpoy's Bay."

"Really now, this guy must be packing back some pretty big muscles I am thinking to keep control of this Sport."

What could end an almost perfect day ?

"A stop at Northern Confections for an Ice Cream cone of course."

"With a bit more fun on our way out .... lol."

The remainder of our afternoon was spent back home with the boys playing outside, laundry collected from the line and folded, a bit of supper, then baths.

"The Rip Tail Snorters were pretty happy to have their new Pirate Ships for bath time, they had acquired from playing at the Duck Pond earlier today."

As I sit here, it going on to the hour of 9 pm, the boys are still going strong in the background with Aiden colouring and Connor playing with cars, as I nurse a headache with hopes I manage to get myself some sleep tonight, with our four "Checkerboard Aussies" yet needing taken care of before bedtime, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hi...It getting toward the end of the month and I try to cruise a few new blog and I came over from Carla's
    I enjoy just thumbing though the picture and there nothing like a child and a dog.
    Hope you find the time to stop in for some coffee.

  2. great photos, I bet the boys will be talking about their stay with you for weeks to come.


  3. Your boys have had a great week with you, I know they will hate it when its time to go home. Hope you feel better


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