Wednesday 18 July 2012

Another Versatile Blogger Award !

How lucky am I to be awarded "The Versatile Blogger" Award twice within months of each other. 

Thank you very kindly for thinking of me Virna, Irma, Bebsy and Aimee over at Craftmates.  I am head over heals delighted to have you all pass this award onto me.

So as a recipient of this honor, here's what I need to do:

1.  Thank the blogger who nominated us -- CHECK
2.  Include a link to their site in the post - CHECK
3.  Include the above award image in your post - CHECK
4.  Give 7 random facts about yourself - CHECK.
5.  Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award -- Since this was around early on this Spring, I am thinking to wait a little longer before doing this.
6.  When nominating include a link to their site.
7.  Let other bloggers know they have been nominated.

Seven (7) Random Facts About "ME" 

1.  Love sharing from our vegetable garden every year (especially this year with 24 Zuchinini plants    having been planted, thanks Rob; oh yes & 4 packages of Beets!);

2.  I can barely sleep a "wink" the night before Christmas morning;

3.  Should I awake throughout the evening when my "Crabby Cabbie" is working, I call him to see if he is "okay" (I am such a worrier);

4.  Usually take one of our "Checkerboard Aussies" with me wherever we go, except when the weather is too hot, or we are out on the Motorcycle;

5.  I will NOT go to bed in an un-made bed, however for some reason I have been known to leave a sinkful of rinsed dishes to be done up the next day;

6.  I love doing laundry, hanging it out on the clothes line, and folding it, but for the life of me I have to force myself to get it put away !  What's up with that one?;

7.  I LOVE Peanut Butter on French Toast.

and for good measure ....

"8.  I do NOT like Earwigs one bit, as they remind me of cockroaches .... "

(Clemson University Extension)

With this "heat wave" we have been having, along with all the high humidity it brings with it an abundance of Earwigs.  Ewwwww .... nasty little creatures they are.  They come into the house by clinging to my laundry, via Bandit, or anything they can get their pinchers into.  Nasty !!!

Ha,ha,ha ......

How to get rid of these nasty critters?  "Click" on the following web link:  

When it comes to pesky bugs, Boric Acid seems to be the "kill off" of choice.  Whatever works !

I have to say the weather was very pleasing today, as the humidity had broke !  YAY !!!  It was a lovely warm day with a perfect breeze to go with it.  I was up very early just in case it was going to be another nasty humid day, since I wanted to .....

"Mix Rhubarb together with Strawberries, along with some cornstarch and white sugar."

"Load it all in to a 9" deep pie shell until it was almost overflowing."

"Put a "Care Bear" lid on top of all."

"Bake it in a pre-heated oven until it produced this yummy result."

It was really really juicy this time around, I am thinking I could have used a bit more cornstarch then the called for 1/4 cup?  but it was still good!

While waiting for the pie to come out of the oven, Rob had wakened.  He wanted me to come out onto the deck with my camera.

"What an awesome surprise I had waiting there for me !  A fully refurbished "Garden Wagon" .... wowsers !"

"Rob had salvaged the handle a couple of months ago, our friend Mike had found part of a wagon he was going to scrap, and our friend, Bill, had some scrap wood hanging around.  Bill worked his carpenter "magic" and at Rob's request made this totally awesome wagon for 
"moi" !  Thank you so much guys, I am totally tickled pink inside and out."

I am pretty sure when the Grandboys, Aiden and Connor arrive next week they are going to be putting this wagon so some good use themselves.  I do so love surprises like this one, don't you?

Rob had an appointment in Owen Sound this morning at the Bell Center.  We had to upgrade a phone, then add another to our existing "Crabby Cabbie" plan.  We had some really great Customer Service today.  I am certain things must be turning around cause we have been batting 1000 in the great Customer Service Departments lately.  

The representatives at the Bell Stores do not have the authority to "waive" any connection fees, so I had to call a Bell Customer Service person over the phone.  Not a problem, not an issue, not a misunderstanding ... just totally awesome Customer Service all around.  Finally there is some light down some of those tunnels !!!  The end result?  $70.00 in fees waived from our account, making Rob and I pretty happy campers.

When we returned home, our lunch guests arrived shortly right behind us.  Dang, dang, and triple dang....can you believe a got not one picture of anyone???  This is so unlike "me" !!!!  I will blame it on the heat, exhaustion, or whatever .... but they are returning so I will be sure to "shoot" them at that time.

Everyone is always saying, "a change is better then a rest".  I thought I would "change" things up today with ....

"...the new to me, used black iron Bistro set I had bought for $40.00, after selling my older outdoor Wicker set."

Um, maybe the Grandboys and I can have a little outside luncheon together out here next week?  I think this might be a plan (if I don't forget about it in the meantime, which is very possible ... lol).

My Dentist had done another perfect job on my mouth yesterday with the Laser Gum Surgery he had performed.  Just a tad tender today, but nothing like them splitting the gum wide open, to suture them back up like in days gone past ... yech, thank goodness for me.  No worries at all with this procedure; I would recommend anyone to have it done, especially if your Dentist is as good and nice as my Dr. Pat is.

My "Crabby Cabbie" is gone doing what he does best, our "Checkerboard Aussies" have all been in, out and about for the night, with Bandit laying down at my feet.  I am thinking I will be soon calling it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Yikes, I can't stand earwigs...Your porch looks so inviting. And the new wagon is awesome!


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