Thursday 25 August 2011

A "Wonderful" Day Off Spent With A Friend !

Before I get started on my "yesterday", I was just thinking when I was typing August 25th what today was.....four more months until Christmas !!!  Can you believe it???? ...because I sure can't, other then I must have been thinking ahead when I bought two Christmas gifts for the grandsons at the Keady Market on Tuesday, lol.  Not to fret too much over it, as it always comes and goes whether we are there for the "ride" or

Now onto the "wonderful" day I had yesterday......

First phone call of the day was to my sister, Jeanne, then second to my sister, Donna, and a third not to my brother,Alan, as he is gone camping this week, and when I called my brother-in-law, Cecil, he had left to an appointment already.  All of those "two" phone calls with my sisters went very well.

I must admit there isn't usually a day goes by with me not talking to my sisters, or my niece, Joanne, and my Auntie Gladys, and usually NEVER a day goes by when I don't talk to my son, Paul.  Family is important, being my biggest support system at times, and "best friends forever" in a totally different sense of "best friends".

I am probably a very sensitive emotional person in the first place, but then wearing the hat of 52 years old really gives the old emotions an extra boost, if you know what I

Ten o'clock sharp coming up the driveway, is my "wonderful" friend, Reenie, and by "wonderful" I mean, I can tell her anything under the Sun, never having to "hold" back on anything.  I can say it just "like" it is, and not be judged one "wonderful" sticks whenever I think of Reenie.

I first off put the Zucchini, I had picked the day before for her, in her vehicle, as once we get "yakking" we would be sure to forget about it later....then we made are way up to visit my Mother at the Golden Dawn Senior's Home, "North of the Checkerboard" in Lion's Head.
Our visit with Mother went well.  She was surprised and thrilled to see Reenie, as she had not seen her since early on in the Spring I am sure, or I either for that matter, busy woman that she is.

When it was time for Mom's lunch, Reenie and I took our leave and actually had a luncheon together at Lion's Head, Marydale's Restaurant.  No complaints about the Clubhouse Sandwich we were served there !  What a lunch, let me tell you....I am sure it took us a lot longer then normal to eat a sandwich since we were held up by all the talking we were both !!!  *Sigh*  We had a lot to catch up on since our last visit, and had to make up for it.

With our lunches finally eaten, we headed back down "South of the Checkerboard" homeward bound.

Once arriving home we continued with our visit while I picked Reenie some beets from the garden, and then she got to check out the "chickens".  She even got to see the "Crabby Cabbie" for a little bit, much to both their delight, I am sure.   Reenie finally had to take her leave around 3:00 p.m. back to her own home, not without having plans in the making for our "next" visit together.....and can you believe I had my camera with me but was too busy "yakking" to take pictures?....I do !

Reenie left, and Rob was gone on calls so it was just little "old" me, Bandit and Lexus, so we took a walk together "in and around" our home to take in a couple of the sights.

"The "pole bean" plant Rob planted in the flower bed with no "pole" is starting to flower."

"A container with "Snapdragons" that keep re-seeding themselves every year."

"The "little guy" in the corner surveying his bounties in front of him."

"The "Japanese Bells" making their second showing of the year."

"The "Limelight Hydrangea" at its very best."

"Onto the front deck where the "daisies" are still showing off their colours."

"To the back garden around the pond, where this first year "Hydrangea" is attemtping to display itself with it's soft colours."

"Back around to the side of the house where the 2nd year "Wedding Clematis" are having quite a dramatic affect on the side of our garden shed."

"How noticible is the colour "red " when one returns back home from caring for best friends to find they had a present boughten for them"

LOL, this is what I found waiting for me when I returned home last Thursday from Bob and Tim's place, as our pushmower had bitten the dust with Rob not being able to fix it while I was in it's place, I came home to find this shiny new "state of the art" model sitting in my garden shed.  Just what a girl always wanted, is it not? 

I am please to report I can start this new pushmower all by myself, and I do not have to wait around any longer for my dear "Crabby Cabbie" to start up the old one for me, so this is a bonus in itself, I would think. 

We have so much lawn that Rob uses the riding lawn tractor to cut it, however we have a little spot behind the house which is more difficult to get in and around with it, so we need a pushmower to do so.  I am pleased to further report, it worked very well when I tried my hand at it last night.

Since I had a very large lunch, I certainly didn't have to fuss over supper for Rob last night, as he just helped himself to some toasted tomato sandwiches, which worked for me !

This blogger site, or maybe it is just the operator, is constantly giving me grief with formattting and such...I don't even know where the spot went anymore for people to leave a comment, but it appears it has disappeared somewhere the past few days....I have an email put into the "British Women", a more experienced blogger, who hopefully can give me some idea as to what I might be doing wrong, or possibly what the blogger site might being doing wrong?  Will try get some improvement in these situations happening sometime in the near future, however it is really not too high on my list of priorities at the moment.

Onto the Wiarton Airport's weather link for the day, since it is much easier then me trying to copy and paste in the daily forecast:

More showers in the day ahead, so I say, "get it out of its system now to make ready for the fast approaching Labour Day Holiday Weekend !".

I just found out before last night's bedtime Rob has today off, so I really have no idea what kind of adventure will be had in my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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