Thursday, 18 August 2011

Part 1 ~ Last Day At My "Home Away From Home"

It certainly has been some week here at my "Home Away From Home", some of it emotional, stressful, happy, sad, enjoyable, fun....just a lot of "stuff" going on, but for the most of it, I really felt good that I was able to be here for my good friends, Bob & Tim, when they needed someone.  The added bonus was that my son and grandsons live only about a 20  minute drive away, enabling us to see each other a couple of times.  Plus I did get to see my sister, Donna, and Rob's sister, Delores, and her husband, Darol, as this visit went a long way !

Yesterday was  spent with first off by Bob coming off his last 12 hour night shift, so Tim and I had to try and be very quiet throughout the day while he slept.  I made my usual morning phone calls after I had first off called the hospital in Newfoundland to inquire about my sister, Jeanne.  Then I took my walk to the Post Office to get Bob & Tim's mail.  Shortly after my return back home, I made Tim and myself some lunch.

After cleaning up from lunch, Bob got up for a bit and started some laundry which I took over by finishing up for him.  We managed to get three loads washed, dried and folded ! 

Sometime either before or after lunch, for some reason I am not quite sure, Rob called me !  He had received a card in the mail which he thought was a "thank you" from Bob for letting me come down to stay here with them, but was surprised when it was a "I miss you" card from me, signed with a "big" kiss in lipstick !  LOL.....I love surprising him and I have been sincerely missing him too !

Okay I typed all the above at about 4:30 this morning, and here it is 9:00 p.m..  I am tired, I feel like the telephone is now permanently part of my head and I don't want to think about anything except my own bed right now.  Tomorrow is another day and I do have lots of "awesome" grandson pictures to be posted at sometime from both their last night's baseball games !

One thing I will say, I had a "wonderful" loving welcome from Rob, Bandit and Lexus when I got home....what a "feeling" to be missed that much !!!

I am off and running, finally to my "own" bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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