Monday, 15 August 2011

Reflections and Discussions Go Along With Trail Walks

Okay there is something with 2:00 that obviously needs me to be awake at that time, I just need to figure out why????  Darn Mr. Insomnia why me???  I am not "movie star" material by any means so I wish he would just bug out as I am too busy for much more of his nonsense !!!  Surely he realizes I am much more emotional and grumpy when I am so tired, so what fun is in that for myself and everyone else?  LOL.

Regardless I am up and going as there are things to be attended to today with the expectation of Tim returning home from the Hospital !  I need to get over to the New Hamburg grocery store (much bigger then the convenience stored located here in New Dundee). to pick up a few items this morning, just in case !

Yesterday I found to be a busy day, especially with being so tired.  I found myself extremely tired and emotional.  First off before anything, I called the Gander Hospital to inquire how my sister, Jeanne, was before I even thought of beginning my day.  Her vitals are stable with no changes to her condition, and another Cat Scan will be completed today.  Since the Nurse isn't usually done her rounds until around 8:00 p.m. our time (1 1/2 hours time difference), it is too early at the moment to call yet this morning, as I found out yesterday.

After I showered and got myself ready I made my way into Kitchener, where I stopped first at my sister, Donna's, to give her husband, Wayne, a hand on how to save and print pictures to his PC, instead of from his email account.  Then I went a few blocks over to where Rob's sister, Delores, and her husband, Darol, live for a visit before I went to the Grand River Hospital to visit with Tim.

I enjoyed my visit at both places, and since Delores had her granddaughter, Michaela, there and they were right in a middle of a game when I had arrived, Darol and I had quite a good little discussion between the two of us. 

I took my leave from their place to go up to the hospital to visit with Tim.  After I popped into his room to tell him I was there and to leave him a piece of Peach Pie I had brought for him, I went down to the opposite end of the ward's floor to visit with Delores and Darol's daughter, who was also there for a couple of days for quite different reasons.  It was so nice to see Jennifer and Rich as well, even though unfortunately it being in a Hospital it was still a delight to see everyone.

I went back to Tim's room where we had a good visit for about 1 1/2 hours, where I am sure I wore him out just by  My Cell Phone rang and it was Paul wanting me to meet him and the boys in New Hamburg to go for a I went to meet them.  Once I arrived to it wasn't too long before....

"Down the trail we went....."

".....deeper in and much more darker."

"Where we found "things" up in the rafters, ready to fly out to get us any moment...."

"Then out of the darkness we came .........."

".....only to find things out there ready to jump out and get us too!  Really big scary things !"

Nah, not too scary at all we  The next tree sight could have been much more scarier then a plain old "Daddy".

"Perfection of Nature at its best, what a structure.  That Wasp hanging off the bottom of his nest could leave quite the mark if it was able to land on someone."

"Ewwwww, another scary little critter just hanging around."

"It was muggy, so after Daddy took his shirt off, "monkey see, monkey do" ! "

We really all enjoyed our walk with the boys wandering ahead much of the time, with Paul and I chatting away about this and that, however it was feeling like rain was going to be arriving not too far off, so we got ourselves off the trail and into a dry situation where it was much more tasteful.

"This would be Connor, demonstrating what Paul, Aiden and I could purchase at this"

While we were enjoying our ice cream, the skies opened up and torrents of rain came down.  Once finished, I got my hugs and kisses and made my way back to my "Home Away from Home".

"There were a couple tense moments on the drive back home with having to pull over a couple of times."

I finally made it home safe and sound to start our supper of hot dogs and spinach salad.

"Here in the kitchen, I had to find myself a "small" pot to get the water boiling for those dogs."

"Then get the table set where we take our meals at every evening.  I am an eat your meals at the table type of girl, not much for holding a plate on my knee in front of the TV type of person."

Once Bob got home from work and we had our supper, we both went for a walk around a very big block.  With the rain having had stopped earlier it was a lovely evening for a walk. 

After we got back home from our walk, we both had a couple of phone calls to make but managed to both be in our respective beds by 10:00 p.m..

The sun is shining through the windows, so I am praying that is a good sign for the day ahead.

I am off and running to get dressed and into to the store to make my purchases, so I can get back home to pop a roast beef, along with some vegetables, into the slow cooker.  Finding myself "off & runnning", I almost feel like I really am at my own home, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard."

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