Wednesday 27 July 2011

Wow Really Really Behind My Schedule Today !

I am really off to a late start this morning, sure hope that is not going to be any indication on how the rest of my day is going to go.......

It all started off with a phone call at 6:36 a.m., when I was just sitting down to prepare my brain into doing my daily blog.  Now who on earth would be up as early as I am in the mornings, other then my son, Paul, who would be at work or on his way to work, my sister, Jeanne, who lives in Nfld., and is a hour and twenty minutes ahead of us here in Ontario, or my sister, Donna, who wouldn't think to call me at that hour.....oh yes, my brother, Allan, who else????  LOL.... he wanted to know if I wanted to go to Timmie's for a coffee; how could I refuse a Timmie's coffee?  NOT.

We picked Rob up a coffee to, as I suppose we had to since he gave me money before I left the house, and he paid for the coffees anyhow (wonder if he has figured that out yet, since he got so little change back out of a $10.00 bill?) , and came back to drink them here.

"Needless to say, Al and Rob got right into talking about vehicles, so I was out of the loop... lol."

Al brought their German Shepherd, Gator along with him this morning, as Gator usually goes everywhere with them.  Wow, Bandit got to see another of his cousins all within a month of each other, what a lucky dog !

"I can almost imagine Bandit thinking, "Okay Gator, he was my Uncle before your Dad, so I have first dibs on him"; lol, Bandit does love his Uncle Al that is for certain."

As Al has said about Bandit, "he is on me like a skin rash"........

"Gator is quite stately looking when he isn't doing the puppy romp; he is only just two years old."

"Boys will be boys, here they go out into the field to check things out."

"Now back to some more fun......"

"You can try and get it, Gator, but I think I am faster then you."

"Closing in.....but it just isn't happening, as Bandit still has the upper "paw" in this game."

"Time to go home.....come back again, Gator, we will do this again sometime."

Ha,ha, ha.....Al is thinking Gator will be worn out the rest of the day and sleep, giving them a rest....ummm, but he is only two years old, I am not too sure that is going to happen???  LOL.

Good thing Al and Gator came over this morning, or I wouldn't have had any pictures to post today, as I had such a "normal" kind of day yesterday with cleaning our bedroom, bathroom and doing some general straightening up after Aiden's visit.  Just a rather ho hum kind of day here on the farm.

Oh I almost forgot, I did take one picture to send to my niece, Joanne's friend, Russ.  Since he didn't come along this past Saturday when Joanne stopped in for a wee visit, he had made the comment to her something like, "Yeah and Cindy will probably be making something good and I won't be there to have any, and it is too hot for you to bring any back for me anyway".  So I did take a picture of what was left yesterday, so I could email it to him, which I still have to do here shortly.

"Yes, Russ I did make something really good.  Just thought I would email you what is still left so you can maybe make arrangements for the 2 1/2 hour drive up here to have some before it is all gone."

Ha,ha,ha.......just too funny.  Russ doesn't have to worry, as if Joanne brings him along on another visit, I will try to make something "special" for him then.

I was so proud of myself, as I actually got out on another walk yesterday, this time taking Bandit for his turn.  We started out at Bluewater Park, down past the Wiarton Marina to the Water Treatment Plant, and then back up to the Marina, where Rob picked us up.  It was a nice leisurely 3 km walk. 

I was so dang mad though, as I hadn't taken my camera, and sure enough I missed out on a couple of really good pictures........damn, damn and double damn.  Actually the one I missed out on that I had really wanted, and I was saying, "shite", something my Grandma Masterson, who I might add never ever swore, did say on occasion. 

Oh one other thing I did find yesterday was a Raspberry site I was looking for yesterday to post, and couldn't find then.  I found it to be a very good site, and also where I had taken the recipe from when I made the Raspberry Pie on Saturday.  Now found, here it is with some really really good Raspberry Recipes:

If anyone out there tries any of the other recipes on this site, other then the pie recipe, I would love to know the results.  Please let me know by posting under the comments of my blog, or emailing me at

What to do now with the rest of my morning?  Let's see there certainly isn't a lack of anything to do, as I most certainly have a wide selection of activities at hand, lol.  I think I should first make our bed and unload the dishwasher before I even think about anything else.  Maybe I should strip the bed and wash/hang the sheets today, since it is such a lovely day out there. 

Almost forgot the Wiarton Airport local forecast again.


Sunny. Increasing cloudiness this afternoon. High 27. UV index 10 or very high.


Cloudy. Showers beginning after midnight. Risk of a thunderstorm overnight. Wind becoming south 20 km/h after midnight. Low 17.

Looking good....also rain for later tonight, how perfect would that be????  Just what I ordered, daily sunshine with a kiss of rain throughout the night !!!  Wow, imagine that !

Okay, I do know I have an afternoon followup meeting from the VON Caregiver Education and Learning Series that I attended last month, so I had better get done what I plan on doing very shortly or it just won't be happening today !

.....and here I go, once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Those pies do certainly look delicious and when I do come back up I'll have to bring some of My homemade chilli!

  2. Hey sis,sure was nice to see the pic's of our brother Allan and his sidekick'Gator" on the blog this am..........handsome bro and handsome dawg.Keep up the good work as I look forward to reading it and lookin' at your lovely pic's of family and friends and just things in general........makes me feel closer to family I'm missin' love you and "the big guy" ( even if he can't bring ya for my birthday LOL !!!!!
    I better get going before it rains as I have some whipper snippin' to do........catch ys tomorrow AM.

  3. could you explain the "South of the Checkerboard," piece of your title," when you get a chance as I don't know where or what that is.



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