Saturday, 3 January 2015

Oh Man !

What a crazy busy day it has been .... beyond busy.  Now I can not seem to download the photos from my iphone to boot.

We never had our Christmas meal today with the kids, as I had put on too big of a lunch and we had all been too full for a Ham Dinner this evening.  More snacking, and there goes my "watching my weight" gone right out the window.

We will have our Ham tomorrow before they leave to go back home.

I am truly going to  have to start walking again, especially since I am giving the volunteering a break in this New Year I should have more time to concentrate on getting on top of my house, purging and getting some walking time in once a day.  I really need to loose 20 lbs before my Son gets married this July.

There is a parade of Transformer Movies on TV today so the kids are all busy watching them, big kids including Paul & Liz.

Between the temperatures becoming mild, the wood stoves being on, as well as the oven today, it is like a sweat house in our place today, especially with 9 persons all together.

The exchanging of Christmas Gifts was fun.  Everyone was very happy with the gifts they received.  We had gotten everyone each something, then as a family got them a Popcorn Maker, Milkshake Maker and a Candy Floss Maker.  They should all come in handy for the kids to have a Birthday theme.

I am going to enjoy the kids now since we don't have them here as much as we would like, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Have fun with the kids, and as for walking, invest in a pair of yak trax if you don't already have them, or perhaps for the winter, walk inside a mall instead of being out on the road.

  2. I don't know about your area but we're going into the deep freeze later today and then into next week. Which of course means that all the rain and slush will freeze into super hardness! I was supposed to hike today but the weather was just too crappy.

  3. Yes, be very careful, I can see alot of broken bones after this weekend!


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