Friday, 23 January 2015

Caught Surfing The Net

I, once again, took 2 pills to see if they would help assist me to sleep last night.  Not the greatest but still better then the previous weeks.  I also forgot to pickup a Word Find puzzle today for the times I am awake to bore me back to sleep.

I know my sister and a couple of friends have suggested Melatonin.  The sheets my Doctor gave me on Insomnia said this about Melatonin:

It is a hormone that is normally produced by a gland in the brain.  Melatonin does not appear to be helpful in most people who have insomnia, expect in people with delayed sleep phase syndrome.

Melatonin appears to be safe when used for less than three months.  However, melatonin is marketed as a dietary supplement; the ingredients, does, and purity of dietary supplements are not regulated.

I will give my Doctor's suggestions of no coffee, regular bed times & boring Word Find Puzzles if I wake up a go to see how I do.

Can anyone figure what these three photos equal in the next few weeks ahead in my Life?  Busy, busy & busier ....

I had been at the Dining Room table addressing some cards when I looked over to catch our Bandit boy surfing the net, along with his young sidekick, Portia.  They both immediately got down after they had been discovered ... tisk, tisk, and never the less in MY spot !

I was delighted Rob had brought the wooden file cabinet I had bought 2nd hand back in the Fall, as I am hoping I will make the time to get our filing system changed up into it.  I had also received a scraper mitt from the Fridgestock program (now ended) from when they had came to collect our old fridge and dehumidifier.  I have to admit since that old fridge has been gone our Hydro bill has dropped at least $15 per month.

I had called my Auntie Gladys this morning as I hadn't spoken to her in some time.  She was telling me her and Uncle were going to take a drive up to Wiarton today to have some lunch at the Green Door Cafe.  I had asked if she would mind if Rob and I would join them.  Of course we could.

Yum ...Uncle had the Reuben Sandwich with a side Caesar Salad, while I had the Chicken Bacon Caesar with a House Salad, and Auntie hers with a bowl of soup, while Rob had a single Fish & Chips.

Oh look Aunt Gerry & Uncle Reg, here are the Lovebirds all *smiles*.

It was nice to have a bit of visit with each other, and the lunch was good.  Uncle said he would be back for another Reuben.

I am going to try for another early night with some TV first, as I can barely keep my eyes open.  Doctor's sheets also said "no naps", and I am trying my dangest to keep them open.  Maybe some toothpicks would be in order, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Hey Cindy ! Oh I do hope you get the rest that you need would be nice to hear you had a full nights sleep . I to have a routine at bed time I take my sleeping pill half an hour before I go to sleep and no TV or computer cause that stimulates the brain and the Melatonin hormone to much so I read a book and get sleepy as that relaxes me and I have the room cool and dark to sleep there are times none of it works but that's Menopause taking over for me lol ! Thanks for sharing , hope you get lots of rest this weekend .

  2. The naps would be best to do without then.


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