Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Hanging My Head

Today has been a whirlwind since my feet hit the ground this morning.  The first time they hit it was at 3 am, and I never did get back to sleep.  Finally dragging myself up to first take Lexus & Bandit out, then Buddy and lastly Portia, I put Portia back to her bed with hopes of going back to sleep.

Did that ever happen? of course not.

The deadline to pay the "Man" for our last Quarter of 2014 is the 15th of this Month.  I finally finished the last of the books just before 5 pm today.  Thank GOD that is over & I get myself to the bank to get that paid for tomorrow.

Since I felt like my doors were revolving most of the day, as it seemed like every 1/2 hour or so one or the other of the Aussies wanted out, I was feeling pretty worn out.  Nothing like having one of your loves greet you at the door to make it all feel worth it ....

... yes, Bandit's sweet face melts my heart at least once a day.

I think I have been busy lately? just wait until those Festive Five Puppies begin getting weaned from Mama Lexus, then I will be more then busy !!!  updates to most certain to follow when that happens.

It has been most wonderful this Winter that we had the new stainless steel chimney liner put in to run our downstairs wood stove.  What a difference to walk into a toasty basement, never mind how nice it is to walk across a warm floor upstairs.

I always have looked after the cleaning out of the ashes of the upstairs wood stove, thinking I would leave that chore for Rob to do with the downstairs one.  As it ended up I was cleaning the ash tray also in the one downstairs, filling up the ash pail last week and asking my dear Rob to please empty for me.

This afternoon I was wondering why the down stairs stove was not taking off, so thought I would check and sure enough the tray needed cleaned out AGAIN.  I opened the ash pail to find it had still NOT been emptied.  Guess who emptied it and cleaned the stove out AGAIN !  Just call me "Wilbur".

I am pretty sure Rob is a very busy guy, but then again I don't exactly think I am of the Lazy sort having equally if not more chores.  Moral of the story my dear husband is ... please clean your OWN ash can !!!

Why on Earth would I be hanging my head this day? well I called my Auntie Gladys earlier.  She was telling me a bunch of them were going out for Dinner tomorrow night, and I inquired for who, and she say for "her".  And here I had plain done and forgot that tomorrow is her Birthday !!!

Last Year I had not forgotten, and had even been at her house for a beautiful Dinner as you can see by going HERE.  Oh I can still taste how good that Walnut Pie I had made was !

Aunt Glady I might not be there for your Birthday tomorrow in person, however I hope I am there in your Heart.  A very very Happy Birthday from myself & Rob !!! xoxoxo

Today's photos to place a *smile* on everyone else's faces rather then just mine.

On that note I am off and running, none to quickly, to take out our Buddy, then Lexus, then Bandit, and then Portia, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Well, you can figure out a way to make up for the nearly forgotten birthday!

    Bandit looks knackered.

  2. Would love to play with those little Aussies! Hubby said no dogs for us...his only (?) fault? I am a dog person, and if he would ever pass away, I would have to get one.

  3. Happy Birthday to your Aunt. I am forever emptying ashes:(. I do love the heat though. Hug B


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