Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Exhaustion Has Set In

Another sleepless night for me, and two late runs for Rob plus an hour of cleaning out the driveway thoroughly, has meant today exhaustion has set in for both of us.

After a few days of not pacing myself, my Fibro is screaming at me and I feel like a cement truck has ran me over again.  A couple of days rest and I should bounce back again (hopefully), and with a couple of good nights sleep for Rob I am hoping he also bounces back from his exhaustion.

We have had a pile of snow dump on us the past couple of days, and it is still coming down.  I took this photo last night.  This side of the driveway is has almost filled in again.  The drifts have been building across the front yard and around the house as well.

A Year ago today was when the Blizzard hit us.  I have to say this Year has been nothing near in comparison to 2013-2014, so we should count our blessings on that point.

This morning I had an Ultra Sound appointment at 8:45 am at the Wiarton Hospital.  I got into it just before 10 am.  I was happy that I had ran into Rob's Cousin, Joyce, there as that passed some of the time quite pleasantly for me.  The technician had been busier with the first appointment longer then thought then there had been phone calls she had also to deal with before she could take me. Sometimes these things happen, even though you have an appointment.

I must say though I do miss our previous Ultra Sound Technician, even thought this one is very nice, I suppose we had been very content with the other one until she took retirement.  Such is life and forward with go, but still it is nice to know when we are very much appreciated at our jobs.

By the time I stopped to get a much needed coffee at Timmies, into the Bank, Drug Store and Grocery Store, it was 11 am when I returned home.  There were 4 Aussies anxiously needing my attention.  That took time getting them all looked after before I took the time out for myself to even think about making myself a toasted bagel for breakfast/lunch.

Believe it or not the afternoon flew by and I am sure I did nothing much more then push some Crabby Cabbie paperwork, make the bed, do up a few dishes, fill the wood stoves a couple of times, have the Aussies out more times then naught, and got things ready for our Dinner.

Rob did up shrimp in Garlic & Butter to go along with the rest of our meal.  Very very very good.

To date the people who have joined me in this Year's 52 Week Money Challenge, that you may learn more about by *clicking* on the chart on the right sidebar of my blog, are a count of 10 as follow:

Marilyn, Sugar Mama, Barry & Alice, Christy, Kaeli, Wanda, Joyce, Shannon, and Eleanor.

I am happy to have company along again for this Year's Challenge, my third year in a row to do this. It will be exciting to see what everyone is saving for or ends up getting at the end of this Year.  All the Best to everyone.

We will only be into Week 2 = $2.00 to put away this week, so lots of time should anyone still want to join us.  You can do the challenge anyway you like, as Christy is working backwards starting at Week 52 - $52.00.  Whatever works to give you the end result of $1,378.00 saved by Week 52, the last week of 2015, and that is a really nice feeling.

A peek at two of the Aussie babies that are still available for FOREVER HOMES:

They are on the move now their eyes have opened.  I even caught one of them growling today, even though I couldn't tell which one.  Cute, cute & more cute they are.

I am thinking this evening will be an early evening for me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Awe cute pups ! Hope they find their forever homes ! This bitter cold damp temps are killing me I ache badly from head to toe I cant imaging how you are feeling ! Hope you get some rest and feel better soon ! Thanks for sharing , stay cozy and have a good day !

  2. Oh it is not very nice weather for us Fibro sufferers. Take care Cindy. Cute puppies. Hug B

  3. It's really tempting for me to join the challenge! I just wish we would have all the bills in already...

  4. Oh I LOVE cute puppy pictures - thank you!! I wish I had the space for one here but my condo is more conducive to kittens. We are getting BLASTED with snow today - I've cleaned about 8 inches off my truck already and it's buried again! Winter has finally arrived!

  5. If I lived closer, I'd consider one of the puppies, but a 17 hour drive to get one is a bit much in the winter! I hope they find good homes!


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