Sunday, 11 January 2015

Cleaning Up

This morning I thought twice about going back to bed after having the Aussies out and in, however thought better of it and stayed up after getting out of bed before 6 am.

I had been very happy to see the storm had broke with snow squalls having ceased.  Today I was thinking might be the day we would be able to go get our Washer & Dryer.  It was really getting to the point of ridiculousness of continually turning clothes inside out.  Really who were we trying to fool?  ourselves?  Besides someone told me men's underwear could only be turned inside out for four days, and after the first two that became a little sketchy, not to mentkion uncomfortable.

YES !  today was the day we started cleaning up !

We had our friend, Mike, over helping us today, and it seemed like he and I were doing most of the cleaning up while Rob manned the Tractor (not really but it sure sounds good that Mike & I did it all).   Yes our personal van really was buried, as are a couple of other of our vehicles.

Since we were going to head over to Sears to collect our washer & dryer this afternoon, we needed to un-bury the utility trailer.

Good thing we have a tractor and a bucket as it saved a lot of manual labour.  Even Bandit was out with us trying to give us some help.

By the time we got going, collected our merchandise and got back home it had been late afternoon.

The guys got the laundry set unloaded, unpacked and set up in good time.  While Rob drove Mike back home I got going first with stripping our bedding and getting it in the washer.  I can not believe it held a queen mattress pad and set of sheets ! with still room to spare.

Needless to say there has been lots of cleaning up today between us cleaning off a couple of vehicles, the drive getting cleaned out and me getting the laundry started and cleaned up.

Would it be weird to admit how excited I am about our new washer & dryer?  I have been "Over the Moon" about them, and sure hope they do the art of cleaning up justice or I will have to take it up with Samsung.

Tomorrow? lots more cleaning up of Crabby Cabbie bookwork and housework to be tackled, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. Getting something like that in the house when it's needed will no doubt result in you making a good deal of use of it!

  2. I didn't realize how much snow you guys got! Holy Moly! I would get excited over a new appliance also, but cross my fingers that I don't have to replace any at this time!

  3. You got some serious snow up there. I should start looking for a new washer; there's a little too much duct tape on mine for comfort.

  4. Hurrah for fresh laundry - i would be excited too!!

  5. All the snow we have now makes up for the lack of it in December!! lol! How you feeling my friend? :)


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