Saturday, 7 June 2014

Another Went Down The Road

I never got going for a morning walk, however did just get home from a 5 km one this evening.  I never get tired of the view walking out and about Wiarton, down by Colpoy's Bay.  Wiarton Willie was even out of his house eating away in full view this evening.  It is always nice to see him out and about.

I had errands to run about this morning.  I also stopped into Gilbert's Shoe Store to buy myself a much needed pair of Running Shoes, as my other ones actually bite the dust last night.  The whole ends of them had worn out.  The new ones are Avias.  They are a nice walking shoe and very light.  Hopefully for the $83.00 price tag they will last me two years as the others one had.

Rob had a full day of work today, while I got a wee bit of cleaning done around here, heavy on the "wee" part.  Some burnables burned and the Oven cleaned was pretty much it.  Bandit watched on as he kept his ball not too far away from himself, as you will notice..

Rob and I did get to meet up about lunch time out at the Wiarton Home Building Centre where we were checking out a new window for our bedroom.  We needed a 46 x 46 window.  It just happens they had a window not picked up by a Contractor, as it was not required after being ordered, and we got it for a song !  A $500.00 window for the price of $313.00 made me very very happy.  We now have purchased new windows for our Kitchen and Bedroom for less then $500.00.  Two more things off my "check list" of much needed.

Next thing on our list is to replace the deck at the side of our house.  I am actually getting excited we are seeing a few things get done, slowly but surely.  It is difficult for Rob to get at some things when his schedule is so up in the air 98% of the time.  And really to hire someone is pretty much out of the question at this point.

I had an amazing surprise by way of a late, very late, Christmas Gift from my husband.

Was I ever surprised when he opened the hatch on his van to see this guy.  He had ordered it before Christmas and just received it today.  This Chainsaw sculptured Bear was made by our friend, Chainsaw Artist, Bobbi Switzer.  He sure has added some character to our new deck.  Wait until I add the Geese underneath where he is perched.  

We are hoping to get the Gazebo up tomorrow sometime.  We also have to look for an outdoor area carpet to put down so the mosquitoes do not come up through the decking.  Darn those pesky little bugs.  I also still have to Water Proof all the railings.

Another went down the road this afternoon.  Another as in 6 out of 8 puppies.  

Ace has gone home with his new Forever Home Family in Caledon this afternoon.  They were very excited to be coming to get him today, as I am certain anyone could tell from these photos.

Reports have been coming in all day about how well Ruby, Sully and Buddy are all doing in their new homes. I am proud to report they all slept fitfully their very first night on their own.  Good puppies they all were.

Tomorrow the last two puppies will be going to their new homes.  Stay tuned for more on that tomorrow, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. There has been a lot of jibber jabber around my area about fires. They have gotten so strict! We can get a season permit for a small recreational fire, or a three day permit for a brush fire. But woe on us if we are caught with a barrel fire, they are illegal!

  2. I love that sculpture!

    Ace looks happy.

  3. That's one interesting bear! And glad the puppies are all getting to good homes.

  4. I miss coming to Wiarton - we used to have a campsite at Bass Lake and we just loved it there. I have memories of going to Colpoys Bay. Looks like your puppies are all finding wonderful "forever" homes - that must make you so happy!!


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