Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Little Shower Here & There

I am not complaining, however stating a fact, I have been freezing all day long to the point of even being tempted on "firing" up the Wood Stove.  It is the dampness.  Anyone with Arthritis issues does not care for dampness or humidity as it sets into the bones something fierce and flares up the pain.  

Regardless it has been quite dry and truly we needed the rain.  The farmers will be happy.

I have been happy as I have seen a bit of progress this Year so far.  Even though Spring cleaning never even got off the ground, we have made leaps and bounds on the priority list.  Top deck stained (done but for the railings), Gazebo put up, two new windows purchased, one for our bedroom and one for the kitchen (needing installed), and .....

.... lumber purchased for the side/ground deck which is in dire need of being replaced.  Not certain when this will get started either between Rob's very busy schedule.  Everything he has accomplished thus far has been more then appreciated.  "Team" work means everything when you are a couple.

My VON Smart Program Volunteer Buddies and I have been trying to get together for a luncheon since last year.  Thanks to Diane, it finally got to happen today.

We met at the Green Door Cafe downtown Wiarton, who I must add won an Excellence Award two years running from Trip Advisor !!!   Andrea, Chris, Diane, BJ & I had a great lunch and visit.  Why would Diane be on the floor gathering? well I brought her some White Pumpkin Seeds that BJ had originally given me, and when I tossed them to her ... you know the story from here on in.  Of course I transferred the blame to BJ in that it was her zippy bags and they were not sealed properly ... I think I could have almost gotten away with it.  Ha !

I had the Broccoli Cheese Quiche with a side Caesar Salad.  It was excellent ! and I was full.  No dessert this day, I think Yesterday might last me for a bit.

My friend, Judy, who I used to work with, not long after I had moved back up to Bruce County, at The Southampton Hotel, more commonly known as the "Bucket" had some Capris she gifted me.  Not only did I get the Capris, Judy gifted me with a jar of her Homemade Pear Jam ... what a great surprise !!!  Thanks Jude, how sweet and thoughtful of YOU !!!  and thanks for Rob for dropping around to Judy's to pick up the package for me.

Despite the dampness and the drizzle on and off, my Rob gave one of our Crabby Cabbie vehicles a tune-up.

If nothing else gets done around here, you can rest assured our Business Vehicles are all up to "snuff" always to the best of our knowledge.  This is a fact I am very proud of that we are all over the good mechanics of our vehicles.

It has been pretty quiet around here with the Extraordinary 8 puppies all gone to their Forever Homes.  All reports back have been good with each of them sleeping all night with no "accidents" in their crates.  If I ever find some extra time I will get together some photos of each of them that I have sent to me.

In the meantime I am going to finish my decal Tea and call it an early night, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. The sight of that quiche has me ravenous!

    We got the rain as well. Not fun at all...

  2. All those pups gone already? Amazing. I've never had pear jam let me know how it is. xx

  3. I've been frozen through....I can't deal with damp...bring on the sunshine.
    Jane x


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