Saturday, 10 May 2014

A Puppy & A Two Walk Day

I was soooo tired this morning.  I was actually having a very rare wonderful sleep when the phone rang around 10 pm last night.  It was my Rob with "oh sorry were you sleeping".  Back to sleep I went when the phone rang at 11:30 pm, it being my Rob AGAIN with a "could you go do this for me?".  I got back home after 12:30 am, and back asleep when my Rob came home after 1:30 am waking me up for the 3rd time.

Yes things do happen in threes.

Lexus could not break her usual let's bark at 5:30 am, even though she doesn't go out until 6 or shortly after. Oh boy I was tired, but had to get a move on since people were going to be starting to arrive around 9:00 am.

Once all the Aussies were looked after first thing, and I picked up the "chunks" in the way of some housework, I gave the Extraordinary 8 a good breakfast then got them all cleaned out before my BFF, Shannon arrived with her two grown boys, Brad & Jordan.

I had not seen Shannon for almost 20 years, and we have been friends since 15 years old, so I was rather excited.  When they arrived I was thrilled !!!  unfortunately we never had much time together as they had barely been here 1/2 hour when people arrived to see their pup about 10:00 pm.  Shannon was here visiting her Mom and Dad, so she had to be off to see them.  Next visit we will make a day of it for sure.

The new puppy owners had traveled over 3 1/2 hours to see their puppy, and stayed for about an hour and a half.  Just before they left my Niece Joanne arrived to bring Ty along so they could see the puppies.  Ty had a blast with each and every puppy before we headed downtown for a look around and a bite of lunch.

I don't think Ty wanted to leave our house.  Once downtown we could not help but notice the local OPP detachment was doing a Prescription Drug Drop-off Day, what a great idea.  I am pretty sure you can also dispose of old prescriptions at your Pharmacy or Doctor's office as well.

Joanne, Ty and I had a good lunch at Subway and a really good walk downtown.  They left back for home after 1 pm I am thinking.

Once home again I felt myself dropping off I was so tired, however I forced myself to call my neighbour and friend, Pari, to go downtown with me as I needed a tomato to go along with our dinner this evening.  We got down there and went for a really really big walk.  Other then the wind being a bit on the cool side it has been a beautiful sunny day !!!

So beautiful in fact that Wiarton Willie was out in his house rolling around in the fresh hay that had been laid down in there for him.  I even got a bit of a smile from him.

When I got home, after finally getting some tomato, I had to get going on making our Dinner.

One of Rob's favourites, Layered Enchilada Bake.

Oh yum it really hit the spot.  Not too overpowering on the heat, with the coolness of the lettuce and tomato balancing it all out.


Just as I was about to put our Dinner in the Oven I had a phone call about our two remaining puppies.  They were interested in the last Red Tri Female.

We will know by noon hour tomorrow whether or not this little sweetheart will be going off to a new Forever Home in Thunder Bay in 3 weeks time.

Isn't she adorable, and perfectly marked with her colouring I might add.  This would mean that there would be one perfectly marked Black Tri Male looking for a Forever Home.  Wish him luck as he is a doll, and if I don't watch it I know my girlfriend Shannon might steal him away from us.

I was also pleased to have found a wheelchair today in good condition and reasonably priced for my friend and her husband who had been looking for one.  Isn't helping people a "good" feeling?  I think it is.

The story of my Life is that I am always tired, especially with a puppy & a two walk day behind me, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. I'd like a word with Wiarton Willie about this spring.....
    Jane x

  2. Sounds like a busy yet good day for you ! Oh those pups are soo cute ! Really you drive all the way to town for one tomato ? lol ! Hope you get a good night sleep tonight after all the running around . Thanks for sharing , Have a good evening !

  3. Aww, I don't blame Ty for not wanting to leave! I think I would just sit and watch puppies all day...

  4. You're in and out all day!

    Willie, you were a peach about having that whole spring thing delayed for weeks on ends. Thanks, buddy!

  5. The pups are getting big!

    Layered Enchilada Bake sounds like it would be a favorite over here too. We love Mexican and Tex/Mex food. Thank you for linking, Cindy!


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