Monday, 17 March 2014

What A Great Day !!!

I love the Sunshine, and this morning it was -25 and Sunny.  The Sun however is not always my friend, as you can tell by the amount of dust on my dining room table in the first two photos.  But after a bit of Polish with everything put back as is, I got to enjoy it "dust free" for about the first hour today, as the Sun shone all day long.  Thanks goodness nobody can see the rest of my furniture as the dust is much thicker then what was on my table .... oh my !

I picked up my neighbour, Pari, this morning as she wanted to take me out for lunch today, as my Birthday is tomorrow.  We first stopped in Sauble Beach for my 10:30 am appt. with the Chiropractor before heading down the shoreline road Southampton way.

I am always amazed when I come across Wild Turkeys, as I love watching their antics.  Such funny funky looking characters are they not?

We made our way through Southampton over to Port Elgin where we had a bit of a shop before Lunch.  After the shop I had called my Auntie Gladys who was going to meet up with us.

The Fish & Chips at the Lord Elgin Restaurant in Port Elgin does have about the best Fish & Chips (in my case baked potato).  Auntie had the Fish on a Bun, Pari had Fish & Shrimp with a Baked Potato, and I had All You Could Eat Halibut with Baked Potato (4 nicely sized pieces of Halibut that were melt in your mouth and so flakey).

It hadn't ended at the Fish, as Pari had snuck in a Tiramisu Cake she had picked up at Walmart, and had the Waitresses not only serve it to me, but sing "Happy Birthday" too !  Thank you Pari for such a wonderful outing today, and thank you Auntie for being part of it.

Once lunch was over, Auntie went on our way while Pari and I stopped at the Dollarstore, and in Southampton at Harringtons to check out if Loose Leaves had any Pumpkin Tea.  Alas they only had Pumpkin with Fruit that I did not care to try.  We gassed up the vehicle ready for its day of work tomorrow, then headed on home.

Pari not only treated me for lunch & cake, she also gave me this gift.  I was going to open it, however Rob said wait until tomorrow so I will actually have a gift to open on my Birthday., since he gave me the camera early.  Of course I will wait until tomorrow, but still it is hard to wait.

I can not believe I did not get home until after 4 pm.  Honest to goodness Pari and I were talking how slow time goes when we do something we do not care to do, however when we are out having a good time it just flies by us ..... isn't that the truth !!!

If nothing else today got done other then my dining room table dusted, the bed made, dishes done up and a nice hot shower, I had a Great Day out with my friend, Pari, and an awesome visit with my Auntie.

Pari had said to Rob he will have to serve me up breakfast in bed tomorrow, Rob's answer was, "Cindy doesn't eat in bed" ... I guess he gets out of that one, does he not !

That is all she wrote this day, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.  


  1. Happy Birthday!
    A new generator????
    Jane x

  2. Ha, ha, ha. I don't eat in bed either, Cindy. I can't think of why some people like to eat in bed and get crumbs all over and spill their orange juice and...... I like to eat at the table. However, I am sure Rob, will find Alice

  3. That was supposed to say, Rob will find other ways to spoil you, Alice

  4. Wild turkeys are peculiar!

    have a happy birthday!

  5. -25 doesn't sound very nice to me but at least it was sunny! I hope you have an amazing day tomorrow!!

  6. What a great start to head into your birthday. Your lunches looked delicious and the cake awesome!
    Happy Birthday for tomorrow.

  7. Happy Birthday TODAY right?:) Mine is next week:) Looks like you had fun but I am wondering now what is in that package. Hug B

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful pre-birthday and hope your special day went as well! What's the present? Inquiring minds want to know!

  9. Happy Birthday Cindy -- form another birthday gal today. I got my driver's license renewed and bought ingredients for crockpot chicken soup (down with a nasty cold). I'm off to cut up celery and carrots for now -- between sneezes. Will be looking forward to see the present too.

    Have a great birthday!


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