Monday, 10 March 2014

Slowly But Surely ...

This morning I had an 8:30 am appointment over in Sauble Beach with the Chiropractor, Doug Fryday.  After my appointment I thought I would take a drive down to the Lake (Lake Huron) to see how far the ice was out on it.

Welcome to Sauble "Ice" was more like it, as I could not see any of the lake for ice.  The Gift Bowl, years ago the bowling alley, could barely be seen, never mind any water !

Once I did return home there was the usual daily chores to be done before I set myself done to enter January onto the Crabby Cabbie books.  I have February all sorted out, however I had another appointment this afternoon for 3:30, so I had to head back out for that.

In-between everything Rob had arrived home to tell me his Hands-free Bluetooth had fallen apart.  For some reason I had been pretty certain it had a 2 year warranty.  I called The Source in Port Elgin where we had purchased it, but they had no record of our purchase which I had thought very odd.  I was pretty distraught as really to put out over another $100.00 plus was really not in our budget at this time.

I took another look where I keep all the boxes from our cell phones, GPS's, etc, and low and behold ....

I found it with a copy of the receipt which I had written 2 Year Warranty on it !  I called The Source back, giving them the product number, and sure enough it was still covered.  Yippee for us, as our luck never usually runs this way *smile*.  They are clearing these ones out, but they found one in Barrie and will have it at their Port Elgin Store by this Friday.

After leaving the house shortly after 3 pm, I eventually did get back home just prior to the Dinner hour, but I had been too busy today to even think what I was going to make for our Dinner.

I had leftover potatoes to fry up, so it was easy to decide on an Easy Peasy Cheese Omelet.  Set in the pan with grated cheese added, turned in, flipped over with a bit more cheese to top it off, then served up on a plate .... yummy goodness !

This is one of the magazines my Auntie had given me the other day.  I can't wait to read the "organized living", since I just can't seem to get it together as I am always too busy, or too tired from all those Sleepless Nights.  Maybe there is help for me after all??????

Slowly but surely I have been noticing the snow go down little by little .... and little by little I hope she continues to go with hopes there is no flooding.  Our front step is actually starting to show through ! that has got to be a sure sign Spring is coming ???

Oh yes I did learn about something I had not known about from a friend today.  Saugeen First Nations #29, adjacent to my Hometown of Southampton has put out a proposed Resort.  Should this happen in the future, my opinion is that it would be wonderful for Saugeen First Nations, create jobs and be beneficial to everyone as well as neighbouring communities.

To view this Proposed Resort, please *click* HERE.  Very exciting, do you not think?

Tonight is MasterChef Canada which I would like to watch, and maybe I would have time to read on how I could get myself "organized", Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.

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  1. An omelette is always a welcome meal.

    At this point in the year, you hope for a very nice, slow, orderly melt. Too fast of a melt in that snowpack, and problems ensue.


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