Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Happy With The Guarantee !

You would think Mr. Relaxation Bandit was having his Birthday in 6 days from now, and these early Birthday Greeting Cards were his !  Thanks to my Cousin Paula for thinking of me, and of course to my Sister, Donna, who goes to great pains to find me the funniest cards she can.

I am happy to report I have finished entering the Months of January & February onto the Crabby Cabbie's Books today !!!  YAY me .... then this afternoon I picked up my neighbour, Pari, to drive over to Sauble Beach with me to the Chiropractor appt. I had late this afternoon.  After the appt. I took her down to the Beach (Lake Huron) to show her how much snow they still had, even after the balmy warm day we had yesterday.  Amazing is it not ?

I posted my old worn out Microwave Tupperware Bowls of almost 20 years not too long ago and ...

The new area Tupperware Girl showed up today with the Brand New replacements !  You might think Tupperware is a little on the "expensive" side, but really? you have to LOVE not only the product bu also the Lifetime Guarantee !!!  Are the new ones not lovely ???  I am a happy Camper.   Should you need any worn, chipped or broken Tupperware, or wanting to order some new, please give Lindsay a call, as she is serving the Wiarton & surrounding area with a big *smile*.

I am feeling a tad on the ill side with a bit of an upset stomach, and a headache coming on.  Rob is going to take care of our "Aussie" Gang the remainder of the evening, and I am now going to head to a nice comfy bed with hopes of this passing real soon, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Hopefully you get a good night's sleep.

  2. Hope you get a good night sleep and feel better ! We got hit by a huge snow storm today so spring is on the back burner for now here ! Have a good day !

  3. We got a huge dump of snow today also and then it blew around and left some pretty impressive snow drifts. I was not really expecting much as they said it would concentrate on the area along Lake Ontario. However, I guess it was the old "elevation" trick that gave us much more than we lost during that lovely day yesterday. Hope you are feeling better soon. I am surprised by the number of people I have talked to lately who are having trouble getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking up since we changed the clocks. I really don't understand how it could affect us so severly but I can attest to the fact that it is true. Alice

  4. I also got a birthday card in the mail from Paula, but haven't opened mine yet.

    Hope you're feeling okay this morning?


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