Saturday, 8 March 2014

Birthday & Busy Day Fun

I thought I best get over my "fear" of not knowing & start using my new Finepix SL1000 Camera bought me as an early Birthday Gift last week.  I haven't adventured further then the auto & macro settings so far, and a couple "zooms", but it was a start.

Usually after I have "overdone" something I pay the price dearly for the next day or two afterwards.  After my being gone for a couple days with the long drives and activities of going going going all day long, yesterday and today I paid the price of pain and headaches.  Going to bed last night I found sleep right away, however that only lasted 2 hours before I was awake the most the rest of the night with neck pain and everywhere else pain shooting here and there throughout my body parts, the kind that you get when you have a bad case of the flu, and then some.  

I hate letting "pain" get me down, and truly laying around not being active is not the best thing either, so today I had to carry on, as I had plans for the day ahead, and I was not going to be held back from them.

My friend, Pari, was celebrating her Birthday today.  Her son, and other immediate family members are all in other parts of Canada or the World so she would have been spending it by herself, and that I could not let happen when I am so fortunate to have so many friends and close family members, not to mention a wonderful husband.

I left the house at 8:30 am with my arms full of gifts I had put together for her before we headed out for the day.

The joy on her face was worth everything to me ... she absolutely every little thing I had gotten her.  Sometimes all the little things in the World can make your Heart feel the largest at times.

Pari and I headed on down the Highway through Southampton, as we made our way over to my Aunt and Uncle's home in Port Elgin.  The snow still there is almost unbelievable if you didn't see it for yourself ...

Crazy is it not? and the past couple of days have been a bit milder so I am certain these banks have gone down a bit from the proceeding days.

I gave Auntie Gladys a hand with her Computer and Photos, before we had the pleasure of her serving up tea and her famous "Gumdrop" loaf.

I LOVE tea cups.  Did  you ever notice tea tastes different in a Tea Cup then served up in a Mug? and also it is much nicer when the Tea Pot has been heated prior to making the tea?

Aunt Gladys has been sorting through some of my Great Aunt Lizzie's photos, etc the past week or so.  The first photo is of the original Hepworth Furniture Factory in Hepworth ON, long before it had moved down to Southampton.  This factory had been just up the road from my maternal Great Grandfather's Blacksmith/Buggy Shop.  The middle photo is of a homemade Christmas Card from many years gone by, and the third was a Post Card made out of a piece of soft leather.  I LOVE this stuff ! and the history it holds.

Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality Auntie Gladys, Pari and I thoroughly enjoyed our visit.  xx

Rob had made reservations for 12:30 pm at the Green Door Cafe in Wiarton.  I am happy we had reservations (always recommended), as it was a busy little spot today.

Pari and I ordered the Lamb Burger, Pari with a side of Fries, and I with a Caesar Salad.  Rob had a Turkey Burger, but scrapped off the Avocado sauce from its top because it was "green".  Dessert?  Pari & I passed, however Rob had himself a Chocolate Fudge Brownie which he seemed to really enjoy.  

Once we had enjoyed our lunch, Rob headed on home, while Pari and I toured a couple of the downtown Wiarton stores and shops.  We went to Josie's of Wiarton, The Thrift Shop, and Rankin River Trading Co..  Afterwards we stopped at the local Foodland store for each of us to pickup some Yogurt.  We are both Yogurt girls as it is very good for you, as I am sure most people know.

After depositing Pari safely back to her home, I arrived back at my home after 4 pm.  It has been a very busy week this past week, or for that matter what week isn't busy.  How can some people possibly be bored with their lives, there is so much to do !!! in my life there seems to be always something to do or needing done.

Tomorrow I have to do the Crabby Cabbie bookwork for January and February, laundry, and get some dust swept up around here, as that never goes away, as does the "spare" dog that Bandit also leaves behind from time to time.

On that note, I am off for another evening, Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard.


  1. My mother had that habit of pre-heating the teapot before having tea. It seemed to make a difference.

  2. I don't drink tea, but I DO know that the pot has to be heated.
    Jane x

  3. Those teacups are beautiful! Yes,I agree, tea does taste better in a tea cup:)
    You friend Pari is so fortunate to have you close to help her celebrate her birthday! Did I see 50 on the card? Welcome to the club Pari though I will soon be joining the 60 club!

  4. We are "tea grannies" too and absolutely tea MUST be drank (drunk?) from porcelain cups not mugs - makes a huge difference in taste. I love the pattern of your aunts teacups!

  5. Belated Happy BIrthday kiddo!


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