Monday, 10 September 2012

Weird Stuff To Be Seen In Grey Bruce

"How nice to get up in the morning to a bouquet of flowers on my dining room table.  I am still thrilled to death Rob had gifted me these yesterday."

I was up and at it at my most usual time just before 6:00 am.  Brrr ... it is feeling pretty chilly in the mornings.  Out with our "pack", the water dripping from them after going through the field heavy with dew.  I am thinking I might have to give up the rubber boots soon and switch over to my Winter Boots .... Ha, new boots photos coming soon, stayed tuned !

Today was recycling day, once every two weeks, out to the road side I went with the bin.  Rob had told me he would be up to get this chore done, however I let him sleep until 9:00 am, as he was in dire need of more sleep.

When he did get up there was lots to be done without having to do the recycling.  Off he went to the barn to move the tractor to get out our ATV, as it needed to go in to have its gas lines replaced.  I got going on cleaning the inside of our bathroom and bedroom windows, since the outsides had gotten cleaned yesterday.

The dogs started barking, they being our doorbells.  Looking out to see our friends, Caroline and Doug of Evergreen Forest B&B, had shown up to get some scrap wood from the old decking we had so Doug could build a frame for a chicken coop.  They are getting 8 laying hens from another friend.   The scrap wood will do just fine for the inside walls.

"Doug is evaluating the situation before he digs in with Caroline and Bandit looking on from the sidelines."

"Yep, Caroline and Bandit are still looking on .... "

"Every job site needs a foreman, doesn't it?"

"Mission accomplished by the time I came back out of the house again... I had to fix Doug up with some "pink" so he could drive safely, or not, down the highway through town and back home."

"Just look here at what Caroline had brought me from their Veggie Garden ... lovely ripe tomatoes to add to my mostly green crop.  Thanks again, Caroline !"

Rob and I headed out about the same time as Doug and Caroline, as we had to take our ATV down to where we had made its purchase in Shallow Lake.

"Here we were at Colborne's in Shallow Lake, for all your Snowmobile and ATV purchases and repairs."

"Yep here is our poor 4x4 Bombardier ATV with only 1080 km on it since we bought it new in 2004."

More then likely if we had kids at home it wouldn't have such low mileage on it or be in as good shape as it is.  We use it to go back in the bush when Rob needs to fell trees, or if we want to just go chill together in the back forty (guess I should say, back fifty it is).  Speaking of which, we need to do that this Fall, as it has been so long since we last have gone back there I can barely remember, other then it had been lovely ...

Once back home I got to making our lunches ....

"I have been enjoying the silhouette made in our kitchen window."

"The new Wedgewood Plate I had purchased with my "found money, its price? $10.00.  The price tag on the back was $26.99.  A nice little addition to my kitchen sill."

"I do love using my egg slicer.  One handy little gadget they make."

"Rob's lunch order was Egg Salad sandwhiches; two to be exact."

"While I settled on making myself a Chicken Salad with the leftover chicken breast in the fridge.  A little onion, a little celery, with a little Mayo, mixed in with all the goodness of chicken, did me fine."

Once lunch was done and over with, Rob and I got onto getting the lawn cut and trimming done.  That makes for a few hours cut out of a day, literally.  Once Rob was done with that he got to grating our horseshoe driveway.

"Our little 1948 Ford 8N does a fine job."

"Grass removed, along with any pot holes there had been ... nice job you did Rob !"

We also had to drop Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle over to our mechanics as something was making a noise, and we can't have that you know !  Oh man there is always something costing money to repair in order to keep safe, is there not?

"Okay what's up with this?  It is illegal to take rocks from the Bruce Peninsula, so are they resorting themselves now to "tree stumps"?"

"I will have to add these photos to the Facebook Group, "Weird Sh*t You See In Grey Bruce".  And there are some "Weird" photos already posted there ! "

Our Dinner this evening had been pretty darn easy with the reheating of leftovers, along with a salad.  I can't imagine not loving leftovers, never mind how easy it is to put them together !  After our Dinner, it was a night out for our "Buddy".

"Where are we?  Is this a surprise for me? "

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes....all these new smells !"

"Look at me !  I can fly ..... "

"What more new smells... let me have a whiff of that will ya?"

"Me?  You are calling me?"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for bringing me here."

"I can run and have my tongue go from side to side without missing a beat."

"Wow, what would we do without the instructions on the Poop and Scoop bags?"

"A little off leash training going on here now."

"...and back we come."

"Was I good Dad? was I?"

"For a little added pleasure, we took the Scenic Drive back home."

"Just came off the Checkerboard and heading South with almost being home just down the grade a bit further."

Who doesn't enjoy a Scenic Drive?  Need some directions for Scenic Drives on the Bruce Peninsula?  Here are some we have enjoyed from time to time, "click" HERE.

With Fall fast approaching I can't help but share this colourful Dish submitted to Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook, by Exchange Member, Ellen Humphrey.

"All these bright colours are amazing, are they not?"

~ Photo Courtesy of Ellen Humphrey ~

Recipe please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE.  Thanks Ellen !

It has been another busy day here, thinking there was much accomplished in my books.  I can't see tomorrow being any different then today, other then different chores requiring our attention, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I wish someone had given me those flowers! They're gorgeous!


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