Friday, 28 September 2012

My Mojo Has Left Me This Day

Was it 3 am? then maybe again at 5 am, with it finally just before 6 am; it was then "what the heck might as well haul my butt out of bed", as there was no going back by that time.

I headed on up North of the Checkerboard earlier then my normal time this morning, as I had a couple of stops along the way to make.  First stop was in Ferndale to pickup a fan a friend of mine had purchased, second was a stop in to see my Mom at the Golden Dawn Retirement Home, as I had a Birthday Card from my sister, Jeanne, for her, then it was another stop to see about a Pine cupboard I had inquired about ... all of this before my Doctor's appointment at 9:00 am..  I still had a couple of minutes to take in a view I had been wanting to .....

"Lion's Head looking out towards the point with the Marina behind me.  It really is beautiful, as the whole of the Bruce Peninsula is ... and now with the colours of Fall arriving it is more alive and vibrant  then ever."

Back home again I had to head on over to drop our Van back to our Mechanics to have a tie-rod replaced.  *Sigh* .... Rob was already there, so I had a ride back home.

Rob had left with his "Crabby Cabbie" hat one once he had dropped me back at home.  It really didn't seem too long at all before my friend, Lisa, picked me up for my Van and I was back home again for the second time today.

Really I pretty much had an uneventful day as I am afraid my Mojo has left me this day.....

"My friend Cathy had returned my Rice Cooker she had tried out before purchasing one herself.  On returning it, she had also gifted me this lovely Delicata Squash.  I am looking forward to trying it this Sunday, as I have never eaten one before.  The method I have decided I will be trying is this one HERE."

"Does this give anyone any ideas as to what I will be doing with my day tomorrow?"

"There is a whole World of recipes to be "googled" out there, however I choose to .... "

".... go back to the two recipe books I have been depending on for Years.  The Encyclopedia of Creative Cooking and The Purity Cook Book."

"I haven't made Stuffed Green Peppers for sometime.  Rob and I both enjoy them so I will be making a Batch x 3 in order to have some at arms reach in the freezer for those days I am too tired, or at loss for what to make."

Anyone needing some Freezer Tips for Stuffed Peppers, I found this website HERE to have excellent guidelines.

"It was such a lovely day, Lexus and I thought we would do some inventory on our wood supply for this Winter.  A little bit here ...."

"Some here.... "

"Not too much here ... I hope it isn't a really long Winter like two Years ago, as it might be pretty "touch & go" on the wood supply."

"I did sit back on the big rock to watch Bandit and Lexus have a go at it.  I especially love this action photo with all their feet barely touching the ground."

"There are days I am totally surprised Bandit has any neck left the way Lexus gets tugging at him.  My poor boy."

Once they both were a bit wore out, I gave each of them a manicure by clipping all their nails.  Next out for a run was Mercedes ... her nails were perfect, no need for a manicure to be done on that girl.  I will have to wait until Rob is home to do Buddy's nails as he is way too much of a handful for me on my own.

"What in the heck is this kind of funky looking bug?  Colourful, however sinister it looks to be ... ewww I really don't care too much for bugs at the best of times."

"I almost forgot, today I had also dropped some Tomato Powder I had made off to my friend, Abby of Miners' Maple Products, down at the Wiarton Farmer's Market.  Look what I got traded back !  Yummy ... Rob is going to love this Maple Mustard, this I am pretty sure of.  Thanks Abby !"

Rob and I had the pleasure of first meeting Abby when were were on the Kemble Maple Syrup Tour this past Spring.  Abby is very involved with many local Farmer Markets, so I have kept in touch with her through these sources ... the pleasure of doing so has been a delight.  Check out Miners' Maple Syrup's page on Facebook by going HERE.

"I also labeled all my Black Bean and Corn Salsa jars this afternoon.  They always look so nice when put up in the Pantry, do they not?"

"I had a few tomatoes on my counter needing my undivided attention, so they had to be looked after today.  The switch was turned on just after 7 pm, the magic hour when the hydro rates drop to their lowest.  Our house now has a most pleasant smell of tomatoes throughout it."

"I am sure hoping by tomorrow I too will be singing, "I got my Mojo working" .... "

... as I am going to need it for what my head has my body planned to be doing, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".



    Looks like a 'Stink Bug' - Cosmopepla lintneriana Also known as two-spotted stink bug or twice-stabbed stink bug. They are active from May until September here in the American mid-west. These colourful bugs are by far the most numerous stink bugs here in the western suburbs of Chicago. Infestations of hundreds of individuals occur in very small areas of forest.

  2. Sounds like a lot of work to me today that you got done!!!! Did you get the stuff pepper recipe I sent you? I never know if my e-mail is working right or not.

  3. I never tire of that view from the marina in Lion;s Head. Our cottage was the 4th from the end on the marina side. I LOVED having coffee on the porch and looking at that.

  4. Yum, yum!!! Love stuffed peppers. And this squash looks so cool. Let us know how it was!

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