Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Very Happy Crabby Cabbie & VON Piggy

"If nothing else got accomplished this day, I know my bed is made for me to crawl into tonight.  This is a very important to me as I find there is nothing worse then crawling into an unmade bed, never mind the rest of the house falling down around my head."

This morning Rob was scheduled to go have an ultrasound of his tummy and surrounding areas, as he had been experiencing some severe pains a bit ago in the area of where his Gall Bladder used to be.  Our Dr. Loney being the thorough doctor he is had ordered up the ultrasound.  His appointment was at 10:45 am at the Wiarton Hospital.  He had to fast and I can not believe how wonderful he was this morning considering he couldn't even have a coffee !!!  Wow .... Honey there are some days you still "surprise" me!

"I needed to go out to the Garden this morning to pick a few veggies for my friend, Diane, when I had came across this abstract.  Some times the smallest things can strike us as being so funny, can they not?"

"Here we go off to Rob's appointment.  I can't believe he poses like such the Ham he can be most times, and not even give me a slide glance here.  Must be the lack of Caffeine?"

I have mentioned before that I had met my friend, Diane Sheppard a year and a half ago while I was getting an ultrasound myself done at the Wiarton Hospital.  Diane is the Ultrasound technician at the Wiarton Hospital.  We hit off right off the bat and she has followed my blog daily ever since, with us becoming friends thereafter.

"Diane was there to receive Rob and I with a donation for the Crabby Cabbie's partnership with the VON Pennies for Piggy.  Thanks Diane, Rob was pretty happy getting some more "pennies" plus, added to the ever growing piggy he has in his Crabby possession."

"Rob agreed to waive his privacy rights within the walls of the Wiarton Hospital, so here we have him all laid out for the onslaught of the "gel".  He is probably bending Diane's ear here to how he is so mistreated and wrongly understood.  Ha... Diane knows better , and what a "ham" he really is, so no mind to his complaints, this I am certain.  Hahaha..."

"Everyone all quiet and serious here.  Seriously full of gas more then anything?"

"This is as close to a "ham" look I got from Rob throughout the whole photo shoot.  I can't believe it... could be the lack of caffeine in his system is what I am thinking."

"This is the machine funds were being raised for in order to replace it with a new State of the Art machine, on the recent Celebrity Walk & 5km Run-Ultrasound Fundraiser in memory of the late Rob Shouldice of Shallow Lake.  $78,000.00 was raised from that fundraiser to go towards the $204,000. required for the new machine... wow way to participate Diane, as I know you were one of the participants.  Now I know what my $2.00 is going towards."

We need some windows replaced in our home.  Everyone knows how expensive windows are, now don't we?  I asked Rob if we could get a price for the ones in our bathroom and bedroom, so I know what I have to aim for in the way of savings.  Right after Rob had gotten himself a large double double Java from our local Tim Hortons we headed over to ....

"Wiarton Windows and Doors, locally owned and operated."

"Here is owner/operator, Bill, who was very helpful in giving us a quote with a couple of different options.  Thanks Bill."

"Just a little inside peak behind the scenes at Wiarton Window and Doors."

"Before heading home I had to make a stop at McKenzie's Pharmacy, where I am  pretty sure I  am one of their more frequent customers."

 Next stop was over to our mechanics to see what was going on with Rob's "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle that we had to drop off there last night.  While there I admired friend, Lisa's handiwork of Garden Art ... I love it all !

"I am seriously thinking I should be purchasing this one for our house, with "dog" changed to "dogs"."

 Interested in some of your own Garden Artwork from Yard Works?  You may contact Lisa by "clicking" HERE.

We finally made it back home ... both Rob and I exhausted.  After lunch I worked on getting myself a bit prepared in the way of notes, as tomorrow the VON SMART exercise program begins in Wiarton.  These programs are beginning all throughout Grey Bruce Counties right now, so please think about "Exercise is Medicine" for persons 55+ by inquiring in your own area, or by joining up to volunteer.  Just "click" HERE to find out more.

I was ecstatic to find my very first Post Crossing post card in the mailbox  ....

"This card traveled 6,295 km all the way from Germany !  and look at the Fall scene from over there !  looks familiar to ours here in Ontario, does it not?  Beautiful ... into the photo album it has gone."

Today I had also received a wonderful email message from Tess of the Wiarton Salvation Army thanking me for blogging the Kids Summer Day Camp our Grandson, Aiden, had attended this Summer, as well as putting a SHOUT OUT for Volunteers for the Wiarton Pioneer Children's Club HERE.  Tess had also let me know she had some Pennies for the VON Piggy she would like to donate by way of my "Crabby Cabbie".

Late this afternoon Rob and I headed on over to meet up with Tess.

"Thanks Tess, your donation put one pretty big smile on the "Crabby Cabbie's" face, and I am sure that VON Piggy has gotten a brighter blue with it being now much fuller?"

"At least 10lbs more overflowing !!!  Wowsers .... the kindness of your donation has been overwhelming.  Thank you, once again, Tess."

Besides the VON Smart beginning tomorrow in Wiarton, there is also more going on in the way of Zumba as well.  Interested in having lots of fun?  Then this is the way to go ......

"For further information about getting yourself joined up for lots of fun while getting in shape all at the same time, please Contact Licensed Zumba instructor and Hostess, BJ Guest at 519-534-3687. I can almost guarantee you won't be disappointed."

Nothing was really planned out in the way of our Dinner this day.  What do I count on when we have been busy and tired?

"The versatility of the egg serves me well whenever I am in such a pinch, served up with some of our very own Garden Fresh tomatoes."

Notice how blurry the photo of our dinner is?  At the moment this is what is like looking out from behind my own eyes, although very happy knowing my bed is made and waiting for me, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Oh, I hope Rob is OK! I'm thinking of taking Zumba classes this fall. I really need to get my behind off the couch.


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