Friday, 7 September 2012

Garden Therapy Along With Sharing

Really, really, really, I had a pair of roller skates like these that I tightened up with a "key".  I lost the key beside the Southampton Town Hall "open" alcove window with it never to be found again, *sniff*.

"The view from our window today in the early morning light."

Friday???  of course it is Friday as I headed on up North of the Checkerboard to the Good Doctors this morning.  My foot? what was the verdict on the throbbing pain going on in my foot, along with burning sensations?  No Heel Spur, but suspected Planter Fasciitis.  Dr. Loney has prescribed some pain cream to rub into the area, suggested I keep taking my medications on a regular schedule, *sigh*, and wear my orthotics regularly.

Thinking back on when this pain started, I have came to the conclusion it has been since I have been wearing my Rubber Boots out every morning the past few weeks since the dew became heavy.

"Really who would have thought these highly fashionable boots could cause me so much grief?  I suppose I will have to put a pair of orthotics in them so I can hold my reign over the "Field Fashion" statement I have begun."

Hopefully once I follow the Good Doctor's orders, my feet with be in almost perfect working order again before I know it ....

By the time I had arrived back home there had been no "Crabby Cabbie" present as he had already left for what he does best.  No Dinner to prepare for two.  I was left to my own devices ... I think it was a Peanut Butter Sandwich (crunchy always) and some Havarti Cheese with Ritz Crackers to snack on afterwards at some point.

Still feeling rather "blah", I managed to dust our bedroom, do up some vacuuming and a couple of other minute chores..  Nothing major got done, as there should have been.  Later in the day I dragged pushed myself to go outside.

"Has anyone else ever bent over to do something whilst holding the garden hose, only to spray themselves?  *Sigh* how many times in the past I have done this to myself?  I would be afraid to count with more times then not in the face."

"I took Buddy out from the outside Kennel Run so he could "hang out" closer to me while I was in the Garden."

"The weeding has gotten just a wee bit out of hand the past couple of weeks, as anyone can tell by this photo."

"This amount only equals .... "

".... this little bit having been pulled.  Not too much of a dent is it.  Thinking the rototiller will do a quicker job then I could ever do?  Rob !!!!"

"Look what I had found after clearing all those weeds.  Tons and tons of onion seeds had germinated themselves ... I can't believe how many there are.  If it is a warm Fall, we might be able to get some from them, especially now they are able to breathe!"

"These are the acid free tomato plants I had put in."

"Buddy and I shared a few together .... yummy."

"This is the part that saddens me, when everything starts to look drab and brown, knowing Fall is approaching and the Vegetable Gardening will soon be close to an end for the Season."

There is still much beauty to be had in the Garden ....

,,,, and still things to be harvested for a bit yet.

"Our first time growing Turnips.  Not sure when we harvest these, but I would think by Thanksgiving time."

"The Bounty collected this day included Zucchini, Cucumber, Tomato and Peppers."

I felt better after spending some time out in the Garden, truly having a therapeutic effect on me at times.

"Buddy put away, Lexus having already been out, it was time for Mercedes and Bandit to have another romp."

I almost forgot this photo.  I was curious today on how much our Loony Egg was holding since we started contributing to it a couple of months ago.  I had to satisfy my curiosity.

"One hundred and forty dollars we have here.  Maybe in another twenty-two Years or so, if we are able, we might possibly have enough to go towards a little vacation together?  That would be heavy on the word, "little" by the way."

Since my Niece, Joanne, had straightened up the mess my Yarn had been just this past Monday, it looked rather appealing to me again.

"I actually picked it back up and knitted 3 rows on this scarf  this afternoon.  I am sure I had began this project a couple years ago.  This is one of the goals in my mind to complete.  If I do a couple of rows each day I should manage to get it done .....????   I LOVE the yarn and the colours."

I sure wish I knew how to crochet more then Granny  Squares, which I haven't done in Years wondering if I even remember "how to", as I came across this post by Canadian Living on Facebook earlier today  for a beautiful "Calm Cowl".  The pattern is available from Ravelry, who you can join for FREE.  Check out the link for all this I speak of by *clicking* HERE .  Should you be a talented Crochet person I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

What more can I "share" this day?  Oh yes another Facebook friend shared a link on their page that some might find useful in their kitchens should they cook Gluten Free ....

"I thought this Chart would be kind of handy for some to have around."

Yet another share ....

"Mark your calendar as this one is just around the corner."
I would love to go to the Arran Tara Fall Fair, as I heard that Cathy Confections is going to be there, and check out what she is taking along with her ....

"The PB Buster contains a ball of a secret PB treat that is sandwiched between 2 pretzels and then covered with chocolate. The finishing touch is an elegant drizzle of white chocolate.Yum! Yum! Peanut Butter Busters!
Be sure to pick some up at the Arran Tara Fall Fair."

~Photo Courtesy of Cathy's Confections~

Oh man, I am drooling just thinking about their flavor already !!!  Cathy, you just might see me there.

Looking for other upcoming Fall Fairs in Saugeen County?  Just "click" HERE for a schedule.

I really think I could spend most of my days share, share, sharing if I could !  It makes me feel good.

One more "share", a favourite of mine ....

I do so LOVE Fleetwood Mac, do you not?

The Garden Therapy and all the sharing did me good, as most of the blahs have left me.  I can now carry on about thinking about tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. What lovely photo's. You better take good care of your feet or you will end up in a boot uglier than your morning ones!!!!!! BTW, your early morning attire is sooooo sexy! HA

  2. Here's what you need for your feet -

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    Fitting note: The Mahuta shoes are suitable for standard feet with narrow forefoot and are available in whole sizes only.

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  4. I was thinking the same thing looking at some brown in our garden :( Fall is getting closer. I will miss all of the freshness and deliciousness of summer bounty. I hope your foot feels better soon!


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