Saturday, 8 September 2012

Better Late Then Never RAIN !

 Wow has it ever been raining here on and off since the wee hours of the morning.  Better late then never RAIN, as I think it could have been used more the past 2 months.  Regardless the trees and plant life still need a really good soaking and more.

"The weird little Gnome "rain" gauge was registering almost 2 inches first thing this morning.  I am certain it is more then that now if I were to check." 

Other then puddles, green grass, what else does the rain bring with it?  More migraines !!!  Dang, dang, triple dang it all to pieces.  It took two rounds of medications but I finally got it down to a dull roar.  There are actually people I have met who have never had a headache in their lifetime .... I really think that would be a wonderful thing, as I have been experiencing them since my late teens.

I wonder if migraines are genetic, as my Mother used to suffer terrible with migraines, all my siblings had nasty migraines in their 20's however seemed to grow out of them.  Even my youngest son and my one niece in their 20's have had nasty migraines.  Um I must be the "bad seed" in the family as I never got to grow out of them.

My "Crabby Cabbie" never got in until 3:00 am this morning, and was up again by 10:00 am.

"Right after his coffee he was out doing his "circle check" on his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle to make sure everything was top notch before he left again for the day."

I had plans to make yet another trip downtown to the Post Office.  I was pretty upset when a card I had posted our grandson, Connor, was returned to me yet a second time!  The first time I mailed it, it had came back with part of the mailing address removed by one of the machines at Canada Post.  I took it back down to the Wiarton Post Office, where the Clerk so kindly addressed the situation and put it back in the mail for me.

"Here it was returned again to me, this time with no obvious explanation and  the address totally correct and undamaged."

Yesterday I called the Customer Service Number for Canada Post, only to speak to a representative who pretty much told me it was my problem, to put another stamp on it and send it again, after explaining their machine had damaged the envelope in the first place.  I might add also the envelope fit through their tester to ensure it would fit through their machines before being posted.  Needless to say I was infuriated with the lack of Customer Service, even though it was plainly their problem and at my cost of making yet a third trip, put the card in a new envelope, and purchase another stamp  to repost it for the third time !!!!

Back down to the Wiarton Post Office I went again this day.  The gals at the Wiarton Post Office are all awesome.  The gal there today could not believe the "lack" of Customer Service I received when calling in about all of this.  No wonder people don't want to use Canada Post to mail items when this is the kind of service they receive when they call in to their Customer Service Phone Number.  *Sigh* ... I might add this is solely my opinion from this experience and that of no other person(s).  Really over 2 weeks to mail a card off to our grandson !!!

I couldn't resist going into Foodland to pickup a couple of my favourite treats that I had found out were 50% off .....

"My weakness are these store made Fruit Yogurt cups.  Believe me they are so good, and really much better for me then ice cream or chocolate, so what the heck!"

While there they also had bananas on the Discount stand at 49 cents for a bunch.  Guess I what I got to making this morning?

"Wet mixed, dry stirred .... "

"Wet and Dry mixed well...."

"Recipe doubled enough to fill two muffin pans."

"Thirty-five minutes later and some of the best Banana Muffins I have ever tasted were cooling on my Kitchen Counter.  Why would their be so many missing from 24 muffins when you do the count"? "

Let's see 1 muffin in Rob's lunch, 2 muffins packed to be delivered to Auntie Gladys and Uncle Basil, 2 muffins packed to be delivered to Auntie Pearlina, 1 muffin dropped off at Foodland for Ashley, 1 muffin gone to our neighbour and 2 eaten by "moi".  Good thing I made a double batch now wasn't it?

Recipe Please?  PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE  (I so LOVE this new feature I figured out how to do, do you also?)

I still had 3 large bananas left over from the two bunches I had purchased (after eating two myself).  What to do, what to do ....

"I then thought to myself today is the day I will make this Doggie Cookie Recipe gifted to us by my Niece Joanne last Year."

"It just so happened the recipe called for 3 large bananas !"

"All the dry ingredients had been included in the jar along with the recipe, so it was just a matter of mixing up the wet ingredients and pouring the dry from the jar."

"I opted for the dryer cookie, so I had added just a bit over 1 cup of Whole Wheat Flour to the mixture, baking in a parchment paper glass 9x13 glass dish for 15 minutes.  Once baked, I cut into small bars, placed on a parchment lined cookie sheet to go back into a 250*F oven for another hour."

"Cookie Treat Jar full with a full baggie on the side."

"These cookies have also been Bandit tested and approved."


"I also roasted up some chicken breasts today.  Why would I do this? a new recipe to be tried out tomorrow ... stay tuned."

Once the kitchen had been all cleaned up, as this all took me into the afternoon to get this all done, I managed to also get the bathroom all washed down, floor and all, making it all sparkly clean until the next time around.

Now I must post how rotten well I did on the first week of Carla's September Savings Challenge from when I joined up HERE  ....

September 1-7 Spending:

Groceries:  $76.92 ~ Oopsie, went over by $26.92, but wasn't planning on the Lamb Roast arriving.  
Grocery Funds Remaining:  $123.08

Dining Out:  $29.50 ~ Man oh man those Hungry Bear Fish & Chips had been good.
Dining Out Funds Remaining:  $20.50

Misc. Spending:  $7.62 ~ Bandit's Hydrocortisone Cream & 2 cases of water $1.99
Misc. Funds Remaining:  $42.38

Funds Remaining for the Month of September:  $225.96

Oh yes, the $20.00 I had set aside for Post Crossing this month?  There is still $10.00 and change remaining in that envelope, so I am still within budget there.

Overall I think we were pretty much on track if it weren't for the Lamb Roast, but will just have to cut back a little more this upcoming week.  I think so far today I am into this weeks grocery budget for about $10.00, so that is going to leave me approximately $20.00 for the rest of the week.  No worries, I can do it !  I am the gal who is used to living on a shoe string !!!

"A heavy bout of rain just about over an hour ago.  I love rain when I am all cozy inside, and it stops for when I have to take all the "Checkerboard Aussies" in, out and about."

On that note I think that is exactly what I will do now, get everyone in, out and about before it gets too much darker and again starts raining, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Canada Post customer service sucks........nothing else to say on that subject!!

    Gosh it did rain today, but the garden needed it.

    Doggie biscuits look good, Molly alergic to wheat....{{{SIGH}}}

    Check out the "Christmas trees," on my post today!!!


  2. Cindy, According to my Neurologist Migraines can very well be genetic!! As well as many other brain disorders. I sooo feel your pain when the weather has a big change, some days I can hardly get around without running into walls. Way to go on your September goals!!! I need to get mine updated tomorrow when my head too clears up! Ha

  3. Don't even start me on Canada Post!! Grrr!!! The muffins look delicious as always! We've had lots of rain here as well which is nice because it's well needed!! :)

  4. It's a shame you got such a run-around from the Canadian Postal service. Shame on them! Your treats, human and doggie, sound terrific. The muffins actually set my mouth to watering. What a perfect way to greet the new day. I hope you have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  5. And I thought you ate all of these muffins yourself :)...Just kidding! I don't know how you stay so skinny with all of your yummy baking. I swear I gain weight from cucumbers! I'm sorry about your migraines and the customer service stupidity :(


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