Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Another Tomato Adventure

Yet another restless night ... what keeps the natives stirring? is there something in the air? as I know in speaking to others it is not just I experiencing many restless or sleepless nights.  I have been like this most of my life, so I can not blame it, like most everything else I do at this time in my life, onto hormones.  Ha!  it just isn't happening that way.

Once the "pack" were first taken care of this morning, and after my morning cup of Java, I started doing some of the prep work for the Black Bean & Corn Salsa I was going to be making today.

"I am definitely certain I went through several Kleenex before I was done chopping 5 cups of cooking onions."

Before I knew it, Rob was up and it was time for me to get ready and head out to the Wednesday VON SMART exercise program in Wiarton.  I was held up for a few more minutes or so, as when I was in our bedroom getting ready I happened to glance the window into our yard to see ....

"This guy, as well as a several others having the feast of their lives."

"Hey lady whatcha looking at? can a bird not have a bit of seed in peace around here?"

"There was also this bit of colour contrast hop bopping down along the ground."

"A bird's buffet waiting them all from a feather's length away ...  There had even been a Hummingbird at the purple Disobedience flowers, however it had been to fast for me to capture its picture."

They didn't stick around much longer, leaving all about the same time.  I will have to look for them again tomorrow morning as it was extremely enjoyable watching them fluttering about in a feeding frenzy at the buffet of Sunflower seeds and whatnot.

Off to Wiarton I went.  After exercise I met Rob over at our mechanics as a wheel bearing is gone in our personal van, as well as it needing an oil change.  Then it was to the Post Office to mail off a Post Crossing Post Card to the Netherlands.

Back home I had realized I hadn't asked one of my VON volunteer friends if they would happen to have a couple of teaspoons of Cumin, as our local Foodland had only name brand for a price of $6.59 a bottle !  I wasn't about to pay that for how often I have ever used it.  I then called my friend BJ, who did have some ... I sent Rob back downtown to retrieve it from her, as I needed it for the Salsa recipe.

While Rob had been gone I had gotten our Dinner prepared ....

"I seen this on When the Dinner Bell Ring's Facebook Page.  It looked so "extra" egg good I had to give it a try, and it was ... just added a little more umpff to an already great versitile lunch.  A  Green Pepper Ring and a Egg really do go together nicely in such a way."

Lunch done, kitchen cleaned up, Rob went out to take the "pack" in, out and about, then retrieved the mail for me.  There was a whole bunch of Happy Mail for me in our Mailbox today !!!!

"Whoohooo !  a package from New Zealand and two Post Cards for "moi" !"

"It so happened Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden was having a draw in celebration of her two years of blogging in August.  Hers is one of the few blogs I follow on a regular basis.  I  had been chosen to receive this very lovely "latitude" magazine.  I can't wait to curl up with in in bed this evening as it looked very interesting when I took a moment to flip through its pages  Thank you Lady Mondegreen's Secret Garden."

Since I am touching on the subject of blogs I follow.  My dear blogger friend, John of Tok Tok Place, will be out of Blog post commission for a short period as an old injury has decided it would reappear in his life to make him miserable for a bit.  I look forward to your return, John.  In the mean time take good care so that you will be returned to us sooner then later !

Now for the other two items of Happy Mail that I had received through Post Crossing.  Two all in the same day !

"This lovely card is from Italy.  What a graceful beautiful building this is."

"This Post Card traveled here from Portugal.  The Country's Capital lite up in the evening ... also very very beautiful."

Unable to travel, but still able to have bits and pieces of different Countries ... I like that.

With Rob gone off in his "Crabby Cabbie" vehicle, I got back to getting the rest of the preparations done for the Salsa.

"It doesn't seem too much all at once when it can be done in bit and pieces.  The tomatoes had been done yesterday, the onions this morning, the peppers and garlic this afternoon.   It takes less toll on my body when I am able to pace myself as such (not that I always listen to self, left to pay the price)."

With the hydro rates down to Mid-Peak I began the process of heating up the mixture once the Tomato Sauce, Paste, Spices, Coarse Salt and Vinegar had been added, and the water boiled for the jars and lids.

"From start to finish .... another Tomato Adventure."

This recipe x2 yielded me 15 Pint jars.  Shhhh ... I snuck a teaspoon or two and it is very very delish !

Recipe Please?   PRINTABLE RECIPE. (I am hoping this feature is working out to everyone's satisfaction?)

Should their be any person(s) who has been enjoying any of the recipes I have post from time to time, I surely would LOVE to hear how your experiences and/or enjoyment of them were?  Please feel free to drop me a line anytime at   You are also more then welcome to join us over on Facebook at Cindy's Recipe Exchange , just 22 Members away from 300 !!!  It has been a delightful 1 1/2 years at the Recipe Exchange, that I still look forward to posting on every day, thanks to its wonderful members.

I received a phone call from a gal I had met at a Health Fair in Wiarton last September.  I was on her follow-up list of interest.  I really believe in the product this gal has to offer and would like to share it with everyone.

I am pleased to introduce Karen Kerr of Mildmay here in our very own Bruce County, please check her link out by clicking HERE.

Karen not only specializes in regular fittings, she also explained to me she had taken a  "special course" to enable her to work with and fit those who have had the misfortune of having had experienced a mastectomy in their precious lives.

Please take note of the following upcoming Bra Fitting Clinics.  Appointments are highly recommended.  I can assure you after personally meeting Karen myself, as well as speaking with her on the phone the other evening, she has the best interests and needs of the person at heart, and her experience shows through.

Oops I had forgotten to post Yesterday how my burner rings had turned out after leaving them in the Ziploc Baggies for close to 24 hours in the Ammonia ....

"Before and After ... amazing !  and just think I have even tried Oven cleaner before to no avail.  Want the solution?  just *click* right HERE, as it is my new forever way to clean burner rings from here on in."

If I ever want my eyes to remain open to read a few pages of the "latitude" magazine, I should think I best be signing off here very shortly, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. I just popped over to say thank you for your comment about Kitty's birthday post,wondering if the mag had arrived and there it is. It's so neat seeing my handwriting in an other Worldly place :-) All your cooking is beautifully photographed and tantalising and I would love to know the names of the birds that you have shown us. Enjoy Latitude.

  2. My mouth is watering just looking at that salsa....hmmm.


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