Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Keady Market Morning It Was

There was no fear of me not being awake bright and early ready to meet up with my gal friend to head on down to the Keady Market this morning, as I was awake almost the whole dang night again !  Up all night on a date with Mr. Insomnia isn't all what it is "cut out" to be .... *sigh*.

Reenie and I had agreed we would meet up at the Tim Horton's Coffee Shop around 6:45, leave my vehicle and take hers to the Market..  I headed on downtown to the Wiarton Tim Hortons, grabbed myself a coffee (out of my miscellaneous funds for the month) and waited for her to arrive.  Time kept ticking with a "no show" from Reenie.  The "lights" came on finally in my head when I came to the conclusion she had probably meant the Hepworth Tim Hortons is where she wanted to meet up with me.

I hightailed it South down Highway 6, sure enough find her waiting there for me.  She was going to wait 5 more minutes before she left.  *Phew* nothing like getting your wires crossed right off the bat now is there?

We had a great visit on our way down to Keady, since we hadn't been together for eons !  Ha ! we even almost missed our turn to Keady.  We arrived at the Market in good time and got a "Prime" parking spot, right beside the main through way directly beside a Johnny on the Spot.  Yeah us!

"It was only about 7:30 am or so when we arrived.  Lovely time to be at the Market before it was shoulder to shoulder."

"I love going to Market with Reenie when we get together.  We have a plan to check out all the vendor's prices while walking up the through way and buy the best and freshest on our way back.  Our system works well for the two of us."

"I had thought to myself how "funky" were these gourds? that I would buy one for the front outside stoop.  By the time we came back this way they had had already been scooped up.  Someone else had the same idea as I maybe?"

"I really loved this vendor.  He was very direct and appeared very honest, hailing from the Barrie area.  Reenie picked up blueberries, peppers, garlic, onions, just to name a few, from him.  I bought a 10 lb bag of cooking onions for $3.00 from him as well."

"Is this not a beautiful rainbow of sweet peppers?"

"It was amazing here at this booth.  The variety of breads, meats and cheeses.  I could have bought one of everything if it had been in my "budget"."

"Good thing I had brought along the wagon.  This was load number one just from the two previous vendors.  Remember I only bought a bag of onions?"

"The preserves were colourful and amazing as all the fresh produce displayed everywhere."

"The Green Peppers, Broccoli and Cauliflower this lady was selling were not only very fresh, but humongous in their sizes."

".... puppies to tempt many a passerby person(s)."

"Had there been brilliant red Gladiolus, I would have bought a bunch for my Mother, as they are her favourite."

"As we were making head way on our purchases along back to the vehicle, the Market began to get a little on the busier side."

"Here is lovely Laura.  You can find Laura every Friday at the Wiarton Farmer's Market with her jams and preserves.  Please do look for her there, as you will not be disappointed in her wares."

"The second wagon full, this time with a bushel of pickling cucumbers and dill, with maybe a few other things tucked in there as well."

Reenie and I loaded up her vehicle with us being out of there and back home shortly sometime after 9:00 am I am thinking it was.  I am pretty sure Reenie will be up to her "ying yang" making pickles the next couple of days.

I noticed when I returned back home, Rob had the extension ladder out leaning against the house.  Hooray the outside of the windows were going to be done this morning !!!

"Sure enough, not only did Rob do the picture window out front ...."

".... he also did the dining room window way up at the side of the house."

"While Rob was at the windows, I got the front entrance way doors sparkly clean, inside and out."

I was tickled pink, inside out, we got these jobs done today, if nothing else.

Rob and I had a fantastic dinner together.  Grilled T-bone steaks, leftover scalloped potatoes and cucumber salad.  It had really hit the spot.  Have I ever mentioned what a great Guy on the Grill my hubby is?  I am sure I have many times ... and will again.

I was so beat out by the time mid-afternoon rolled around, I had to go lay down before I fell down.  Late afternoon brought Ashley by to pickup Lily and Aspen, who I had been caring for since last Thursday evening.

"I was thinking they were happy to go home with Ashley, as they had probably been fearing for their little lives with Rob threatening Ashley that he was going to Grill them up for himself to feast upon.  He does love "teasing" Ashley."

"Besides the cooking onions, I had also bought these Crimson Red Pears at the Market.  They are awesome ... two missing already."

"I am thinking it might not be too long before I find myself doing some canning."

Even though it was a very good day, I found it to be a long day with being so tired.

I am hoping there will be no more dates with Mr. Insomnia with sleep finding its way to me this evening, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Anna Frank Bernard4 September 2012 at 21:24

    What a busy day you both had! I love open markets like these; they fascinate me; what a huge selection and abundant of veggies and fruits and preserves!
    Your hubby did a super job on your windows;they look sparkling clean.
    What a wonderful couple you truly are. Happy Preserving!

  2. What a great day! I'm ashamed to say that I haven't even been to a farmer's market this summer :( I really need to go before the season is over!!

  3. You are a STRONG woman, I could never make it in a market without blowing my budget!! I still need to get some pickles put up this year and of course apples later in the season, thankfully the rest is all done.

  4. Hey g/f I didn't even know you had taken those pic's...lol...your good, you even got a pic of "Cherokee" in there..LOL. Great blog as usual, best pic's to date... *wink* Great morning !!

  5. Those pears are particularly fabulous. What a brilliant market!


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