Monday, 16 July 2012

Welcome Home John !

"Welcome Home "Big Bad John" !!! "

"You and "Big Bad Rob" make a great team in my books any day !"

Go figure, the day after I finish the back lawn before the threatening rain arrived, which never happened, our Big Bad John Deere Lawn Tractor comes back home to us .... his battery and a coil around the starter weren't doing too well, but all fixed up now.  Bring on the rain ! let the grass grow, grow, grow, as the two "Big Bad Guys" in my life are teamed up once again !

We had a pretty productive day this morning around here ....

"Bedding washed and hung out on the line .... "

"A brand new deck box for the Grandboy's toys put together by Papa."

"My comfy rocker brought out of Winter storage finally, before Summer is over."

".... with temperatures still soaring and no sign of rain despite the bottomless promises from the weatherman."

It was another very humid warm day.  I was a bit worried as to whether the bedding would dry or not, however with there being a slight breeze it did get dried.

"Regardless of the coolness of our basement, the our Girls, Lexus and Missy Mercedes, were still wanting out to rip around like mad dogs in the heat of the day.  *Phew* we get hot just watching them some days."

Supper was another challenge, as we were too hot to even think about cooking.  Regardless I looked in the freezer pulling out something we hadn't ever tried before ...

" .... the Marc Angelo Butterflied Pork Tenderloin in Sweet Chili Lime."

"Along with Minute Rice Whole Grain Brown Rice."

"Trying both for the first time, Rob and I really enjoyed the meal.  We would not hesitate to buy either again.  The tenderloin was both tender and full of flavor.  Rob seared it first to hold in the flavours, before leaving it to cook the required package time.  Yummy."

While our supper was cooking, Rob and I heard this weird loud noise in the dining area.  A heavy buzzing sound, with the floor vibrating.  He made a trip downstairs to investigate twice, and I once.  We were baffled, even opening up the doors and drawers of the Sideboard buffet.  Finally ....

"Low and behold right at our feet were Rob's slippers with the button having been turned on for the massage in them.  LOL, did we ever feel silly, but both enjoyed the humour of it all, "right at our feet" !"

"When we were in Owen Sound yesterday, Zellers had their pillows on "buy one get one free", so this is what we did.  I am hoping these new pillows are up to par with the hypoallergetics they boast about."

"New pillows are always nice fluffy and puffy, especially when the bed is made up all fresh."

It was very warm after supper, so we thought we would take a ride out on our Motorcycle to cool down somewhat while we delivered some Egg Cartons to our friends, Anita and Brian DeJong out at  DeJong Acres Farm located just on the outskirts of Wiarton at Lake Charles.

"Brian took Rob and I out to the barn to see their 10 week old Maremma puppies.  Maremma dogs are one of the best Guard Dogs for any Sheep farmer to have as right hand dogs on their farm.  With the Coyote population on a continued rise, they are a great benefit to Brian's sheep operation."

"The puppies true mistress shows up.  Everyone else has been put on the back burner while their attention goes to Rayleen."

"Even the barn cats love the puppies."

"What puppy doesn't love their belly rubbed?"

"Outside quite a different "Cat & Dog" game was being played."

"DeJong Acres Farm has increased their laying chickens from 40 to 100 (hope I got that right), so this is why I am saving Egg Cartons for them, as well as a couple of my family members helping out as well.  Farm Fresh Eggs for $2.50/dozen, how could you go wrong?"

"This week only, DeJong Acres is running a special on their Free Range Chickens."

To call for that "more information", you may do so by "clicking" on the web link as follows:

... you won't be disappointed by far, I can assure you that, if not alone by the product the personable service will top you up on the wanting to return time after time.

We had a lovely ride home by way of the Scenic Route down through Big Bay then continuing on the shoreline the back way into Wiarton.

" Breathtaking ..... is it not? "

A little piece of Heaven living here on the Bruce Peninsula, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. So happy for you that John is back home where he belongs! What a deal on eggs, I am paying $4.00 a dozen for fresh eggs. Looks like you are all set for you grands arrival later in the week, bettter rest up while you can

  2. We had that pork at my sisters a couple of weeks ago. It was Delicious. I've been trying to find it in the stores where I live without success 8(

  3. Yay, your rider is finally fixed now.

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