Saturday, 21 July 2012

They're HERE .....

Off to a busy start to my day it beginning of course with the "Checkerboard Aussies", then onto hanging out with my "Crabby Cabbie".

I went along with Rob to see where one of his regular fares lived, just incase there was a morning he had to be otherwise at an appointment or such, that I would have to go give them the required ride to get them where they had to be.

Once we had picked them up, another call had came in so off to Port Elgin we had to go for the next fare.

It was going on towards the Lunch hour I am sure by the time we arrived back home.  Rob had a wee bit, but not too long of a rest, before he adorned his "Crabby Cabbie" hat and was off again.  I, on the other hand had lots to get done myself.

"My Son's favourite, Apple Pie, ready for the Oven."

"This is what I call a "deep dish" pie."

"On a bit of a break, it wasn't difficult not to admire the new day lilies that came forth with their blooms the past two days."

While the pie was baking, I managed to get our bed made, potatoes peeled for supper, and all four of our "pack" in, out, around and about before I had to head out for a bit this afternoon.

"The skies this afternoon were looking like there would be promise of rain coming."

"On my way South of the Checkerboard, there came a bit of a "lick & a promise" of rain, just enough to hear the plant life calling out for more."

I returned back home later in the afternoon to find ....

"They were HERE ..... here is my baby boy, with his oldest son, Aiden, their dog, Chevy, and our Bandit boy."

"Connor was right into the new deck box where all the toys were hiding.  Mommy Holly, must have been hiding, as she seemed to have escaped the sights of my camera."

"Bandit goes totally "crazy" when he sees Paul, barely being able to contain himself.  I have never seen this dog love anyone as much as he loves Paul."

While I got our supper of boiled potatoes, schnitzel and coleslaw going, the kids all took off down to the water at Colpoy's Bay Government Dock.

Once returned we got supper all over with, then Paul and I headed down to get a Movie for tonight for them to watch while I sit here to do this post.

My Niece, Jo-Anne had emailed me a photo later today.  Apparently she had been busy baking herself today ....

"She got to try out the recipe for the Rhubarb Custard that had been posted not too long ago by a Member of Cindy's Recipe Exchange on Facebook.  Oh my along with the photo was reports of it being as yummy as the picture looks."

Recipe please?

Recipe Submitted by Exchange Member~Lorrie Alexander

Rhubarb Custard Dessert

2 c flour
2 Tbsp sugar
cut in 1 cup of butter
Press into a 9x13 pan and bake at 350 for 20 mins

2 c sugar
1/3 c flour
1 tsp salt
Whisk in 6 beaten egg yolks
1 c whipping cream or half and half
Then add 5 c sliced rhubarb
Pour over base and bake at 350 x 50-60 mins

Beat 6 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
3/4 c sugar
Make in your usual meringue method, when stiff peaks add 1 tsp vanilla

Spread over hot filling and bake 12-15 mins until browned.

Oh man I can barely wait to try this out myself.  Um, wonder if this would be a good one to take along to the Masterson Family Reunion this Year????  

"Since "They're HERE", I might as well just relax, enjoy the ride and let them takeover my World as I used to know it .... lol."

I am going to have a busy week ahead of me, since both boys are spending the week with myself and Papa.  Usually it has only been Aiden staying, but this will be the first Connor will give it a try with us ... I am sure we will all be very busy.  

Both boys are both signed up for Vacation Bible School this week at Wiarton's Baptist Church in the mornings, so this will be half the day taken care of, with the remainder I am sure going to go very quickly for us all.

I think I need to call it an early night here, as I see a busy week ahead in my future, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. How fun! Enjoy your time with your family!! And I don't know if I ever told you before but you make the prettiest pies!! And I bet they taste just as good as they look!

  2. Bless you dear!! Two boys all week is going to be a blast, sleep when you can HA

  3. you can see by the photos how much Bandit loves your son. Did he grow up with Paul?



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