Monday, 9 July 2012

A Runner? I Would Say More The "Flyer" Type !

This morning?  How my day started?  I am thinking I am too tired to really remember much of it other then I know I went through the motions.  I do know the phone rang at 2:30 am and my "Crabby Cabbie" left to go out on a call.

Oh before I do forget, thank goodness for "Notes to Self" some days .... mark your calendars for this upcoming weekend as the Bruce Peninsula Artist Studio Tour on the 14th and 15th.

All details at the following link:

I am hoping I can do some of the tour.  Anyone interested in tagging along?

"My poor "Crabby Cabbie" Rob and his tired dog just vegging when they got up this morning.  Seriously, Bandit, what have you been doing to be so tired? running cats in your sleep?  LOL."

We had to go drop off the "Crabby Cabbie" #1 vehicle around to our mechanics for an oil change this morning, however before we left we took Buddy out for his second ever "off leash" run in the field (since we purchased him on the 13th of May this Year) ....

"Let the fun begin .... "

"Go Dog Go !"

"A little sashay here and there maybe?"

"Let me tell the World, this boy was literally "flying" through the air, never mind running !"

"Leaps and Bounds."

"Good dog coming back.  Pooped out I would say after all that "flying" through the field."

We did get our running around, not flying, done, to finally return home just before the lunch hour.  I made our bed, did up some dishes, then headed outside to do what I had planned in my head to get done today.

"I picked the row of peas to weed between the plants this day."

"With the bucket almost full I made it to the end of the row."

"Rob had come out to join me by getting the Sunflowers and Zucchini plants hoed."

"Days like today are when I am happy for leftovers .... Rob's plate of leftover Layered Enchilada Bake topped with lots of lettuce and chopped tomato."

"It was pretty quiet around here this afternoon.  We all seemed to be tired for some reason or another ... could it be our lifestyle lately?  Still wondering why that Bandit dog seems to be so pooped out?  working out in his dreams a lot maybe?  LOL.  Rob is so behind in his sleep, I just leave him go as he needs "SLEEP" with the hours he keeps ! "

"Our local Foodland store has 3 pints of Blueberries on sale for $5.00 this week.  I can polish off a whole pint myself in a day as a treat.  Fresh fruit ... yummy."

I have no idea why just only my "food" item photos are loading upside down, as they are perfect in my photo album until I load them on here ... this has just been happening the last week for some reason?  Too tired to figure it out, or care at the moment ... onwards I go.

About 6:00 pm, Rob arose after his much needed "siesta".  We decidedm after we took all the "pack" in, out and about, we would go for a bit of a ride on the Motorcycle.

"We weren't too far out of Wiarton before we made a stop .... and I was taken for a tour.  Isn't this lovely?  A newly decorated self-contained suite."

"Then I was served up still warm Rhubarb Crisp, along with a freshly brewed cup of coffee."

"The company and conversation wasn't too shabby either."

Where were we?  Rob and I stopped in for a wee visit with our friends and your Hosts, Caroline and Doug Murray of the Evergreen Bed & Breakfast .... come on along outside.

"Down the path just past the Narnia lamp .... "

"Just keep following Caroline .... "

"Until you enter the comfort of the screened in Gazebo Doug designed and built himself."

"Doug had just finished telling us he had been "stumped" until he came up with the idea of making the side tables as shown here in this photo ... I swear he missed his calling, as he should have been a "stand up" comic !  LOL"

Interested in one of these "State of the Art" Gazebos by Doug?  or a "luxury" stay with a surrounding Forest?  Contact Doug and Caroline via the following link:

I assure you, you won't be disappointed, as the accommodations are amazing, as is the hospitality.

Man oh man, I am certain it was going onto 9:00 pm by the time we made it back home here to let everyone have their last "hurrah" for the evening ....

"First went Buddy .... "

".... then the girls, Lexus and Missy Mercedes."

Bandit was last to go out with Rob, but right at my side as soon as he came back in to lay at my feet while I loaded my photos and began this post.

I am certain I am tired with my bed not far off as my head is beginning to feel heavy, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Okay Cindy, Looking at the backside of my behind has totally convinced me, we have got to work out!!!

  2. Looks like another busy day for you!! Bandit is by far the most gorgeous dog i've ever seen!! Love him! lol!

  3. I'm SURE Bandit is exhausted just watching you guys tear around. Wowsers! I loved this post, Cindy. So homey, like a great letter. Your photos are beautiful, too, from flying dogs to cool gazebos and sleeping husbands.


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