Sunday, 15 July 2012

Only If Tears Could Heal Broken Hearts

"Still no reprieve from the heat first thing this morning, however clouded over skies with promises of rain to come."

"All the Tomato plants got weeded in-between yesterday, however crooked be the rows.  Really Auntie I hadn't even a "sniff" of alcohol when I planted these rows ... but I am sure the heat had gotten to me that same day ... lol.  Maybe if I did drink they would have been straighter?"

"Our first two Zucchini have burst forth from out of their flowers."

"I am pretty sure there are going to be more then two from these 24 plants my dear husband planted.  Rob what were you thinking when you planted the whole package of seeds???"

"Here is my sweet girl, Lexus, way out in the field this morning, thinking about coming back to me."

"The tiny flower buds on the Wedding Clematis are almost ready to show off their stuff."

"I spied a few tomatoes making their appearance."

"With promises of rain today, the remainder of the lawn got cut with the push gas mower this morning.  *Phew* it was a hot one !  I am in the market for a new used Lawn Tractor reasonably priced by the way !"

"These beauties around the pond have just began blooming."

"When cutting by the pond I came upon a pile of feathers on the ground.  I was very distraught to find something had gotten in on the nesting Tree Swallow killing them and their young.  What could have possibly gotten up in their birdhouse to do this to them???  They have been returning the past three years to have this just happen !  I was so very sad about this."

After trying to get a few outdoor chores finished up before the threat of rain arrived, it did not end up raining after all.  Hopefully tonight as we, as well as other places, sure could use a good downpour of Nature's own waterfall."

"Rob had a little surprise tucked away in the fridge this morning for me .... one of my favourites, fruit, granola and fresh berries.  Thank you so much Honey, you are a man after my own heart most every day(s)."

"Aha !  Finally my "Crabby Cabbie" doing some of the book work.  Even though it is just a wee bit of it, it is something."

"Rob and I headed downtown on our way to Owen Sound just after the Lunch Hour.  Rob having a little fun with me being on the receiving end of my camera for a change."

"No worries, as I got him back after he had been at the HairCutters.  Long over due I had thought."

This afternoon we were attending a Funeral Home in Owen Sound to pay our respects to my young friend, Jessica and her family, who just recently lost her Mother very quickly and suddenly to Cancer. 

Once there I had barely got up to my dear Jessica before my and her tears flowed.  I surely wish with all my heart, "Tears Could Heal Broken Hearts", as I am sure those two young girl's hearts are broken over the loss of their Mother at such a young age.  My prayers and thoughts are with them and their family in this sad time in their young lives.

After we had paid our respects, Rob and I did a bit of shopping, blowing our Fiscal Fast right out of the water at the Zellers Store, and then with a couple of purchases at the Zehrs Store.

"In all fairness, there wasn't anything frivolous purchased, but things we needed.  Since the Grandboys are arriving in another weeks time, cereal was on the top of the list to be purchased.  Good thing it was on sale at $2.99 a box, as I sure can't believe the price of cereal these days !"

"Since it was so late in the day, with either of us not having had anything substantial to eat yet, we did splurge at our favourite little Chinese Restaurant in Owen Sound.  I still don't think $25.00 for an all you can eat buffet for two of us was too bad, taxes and tip included?"

We finally got back home around 6:00 pm, but had to head out again to drop off one of the "Crabby Cabbie" phones to Southampton, then drop around to see my Niece in Tara.  This time we took the Motorcycle which was lovely on such a warm evening.

"Here is our doggie niece, Pixi, center of attention.  How could she possibly not be the center of everything with her size???"

"My niece's friend had been visiting her last week.  She transformed what was overgrown in tall grasses and weeds back into a wonderful flower bed again.  Good job Lynn, and what a lucky girl, Jo-Anne is to have such a great friend."

"Once back home again for the second time this day, Lexus and Mercedes had their usual "Cat and Mouse" games going on to wind down before calling it a night."

I never find myself tiring of the amusement I get from watching my "Checkerboard Aussies" playing together.

The past month or so I have noticed a few people, family and friends, having problem with Ants .... so this is how to "Get Rid of Aunts Ants" (sorry Auntie, no pun intended !  LOL).  Just follow the web link:

Don't forget about the Note on the link: 

This is a miracle recipe for getting rid of those pesky ants that come every spring and summer. Mix up the solution, pack cotton balls in a jar cover, and put the solution on and they will be gone.

It has been a very long day, emotional and otherwise.  With it almost 11:00 pm, I think I will call it a night, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. We got our first two zucchinis a few days ago. And looks like you guys will have enough zucchinis for the whole neighborhood from all these plants :)

  2. Holy cow your garden is crazy huge!!! I have given up on weeding. With all the over 100 degree days we have had it's not worth having a heat stroke, so far things are growning just as well anyway

  3. We found our phoebe and her babies dead in the nest. No one sprays/uses any kind of poison on the gardens or lawns around me so we figure it must be the heat. The Man is very upset about it, he loved those birds....


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