Monday, 30 July 2012

Lots of "Catch Up" To Be Done

I really felt like I could have slept more this morning, but there was one yakky girl this morning before the hour of 6 am.  Then when I did get up I looked over at the alarm clock at Rob's side of the bed to notice he had taken a coffee into the bedroom with him last night and it had been knocked over and was dripping from the night stand onto the carpet ..... so began my day.

When the Grandboys were here I decided I was going to enjoy them instead of stressing over what needed to be done in the house.  I pretty much let it "go" more then I normally ever would.  Today "catch up" was on my mind.

I first stripped the bedding from our bed, after I had cleaned up the coffee since someone else had gotten up and out of the bedroom pretty quick this morning, got that in the washer before I tackled the kitchen.

"The kitchen was looking pretty dang, dang, triple dang messy since it was a busy day getting the boys ready to go back home yesterday, with also getting home late ourselves last night."

"Once I got at it, it didn't take me too long.  I even removed everything from the counter tops to wipe them all down since I was on a roll."

"Both spare bedrooms had been made use of while the Rip Tail Snorters stayed the week.  The bedding on both had been stripped, washed and line dried yesterday, so it was a matter of dusting, vacuuming and getting the bed made up here in this room."

"Viola !  Finished .... complete with both Rock and Shell collections in place."

"I hadn't taken a "before" photo of our bedroom, but trust me it was not a pretty sight ... bedding washed with bed made up, a couple of items decluttered (decluttering has been an ongoing thing when I set my hands onto something or other), vacuuming and dusting done for another few days."

"I have a really scary photo of the bathroom's "before", however only did a wee bit in here today since the other three rooms almost did me in.  I was wondering though if my Mother had worn this washboard, or had she gotten it second hand?  I must ask her this."

We had some corn on the cob Rob had picked up the other day, which really needed to be used up so today was that day ....

".... with our Dinner simply being Corn on the Cob, leftover Beets and a Grilled Cheese on Rye Bread.  This suited us just fine as the day had been hot with us not feeling like bothering with too much."

Rob had cut the lawn this morning, since I am sure he didn't want to be underfoot in the house this morning, especially after the coffee episode .... with it being so hot we decided this afternoon would be a good day to go for a bike ride.

"We decided we would kill two birds with one stone this day by cooling off on the bike ride and doing some of the Explore the Bruce Passport at the same time."

"We headed over to the Sauble Beach Community Centre to find the clue for Stop #4."

"Follow the big guy with the trail of smoke from his cigarette (I happened to be bugging him about smoking by calling him "Smokey the Bear")."

"We found Stop # 4, at the literally at the back door of Silver Lake, with Smokey the Bear rubbing in the fact he was still "smokin'".  I would like to "smoke" him some days, let me "Tell the World" ! "

"The walk into Stop # 4 was very interesting in observing the wild plant life in the bogs."

"A water lily blooming on what seems to be ground.  I would not want to place a foot or weight on this ground, as the bog would suck you right in I am certain."

"We next headed over to Stop # 5 located at the North Shore Park in Port Elgin to find there another clue to find the stop."

"A view of Chantry Island located in the vastness of Lake Huron, from a Port Elgin perspective along the Miramichi Road leading up to the Stop # 5."

Once we completed Stop # 5, we headed on over to the Tim Hortons in Southampton before heading back home to Wiarton.  We were "HOT" and in need of a nice cold drink in the way of Lemonade and an Ice Cap badly.

We made it home without a hitch were we relaxed for a bit before I decided one of our hairy "Checkboard Aussies" needed a good combing out ...

"... anyone in need of a new fur coat for the upcoming Winter, please give me a call."

"Doesn't Bandit look absolutely "bootiful" now and a whole lot lighter?  LOL."

With it not having cooled down any, off we went again for another ride out on the Motorcycle after the hour of 6:00 pm.

"Join us on the Scenic Tour along Georgian Bay between the Sister Counties of Grey and Bruce."

"Just up there around the bend .... "

".... we find ourselves back home by 8:30 pm.  It was a lovely ride between Counties."

I had been meaning to show Rob this one tomato plant in our garden, as I am completely baffled to what has happened to it, or should I say, "what has been eating it"?

"Here it be with no tell tale signs of any type of bug or anything on it."

"For the life of us, we can not figure out how one tomato plant be eaten down like it is with all these others not even touched?"

Any ideas on the Tomato plant we are "open" to ideas ????? or anything in a way of explanation???  I thought maybe a deer had eaten it down, deciding it didn't care much for the taste by leaving the rest alone?  Could this be possible?  anything could be I suppose?

We did so love having our Rip Tail Snorters here for a week, as they were both very good boys, however I found I could not pace myself as I normally would finding myself more fatigued then normal, if that is all possible some days?  I really don't know what is up, but I have been "pooped" out and then some the past two or three weeks, more then normal ... umm maybe has something to do with those extra three pounds I am carrying around with me?  LOL ....

Oh my it is 10:30 pm already.  Oh yes before I forget I had the best laugh this morning when I took the time  to read all about a "real life" blooper over at Life on the Muskoka River at Cathy's place .... LOL.  Hope you enjoy a belly laugh as I had today.

I best be hitting the sack soon as I have planned to get some more "catch up" done tomorrow, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Look VERY VERY carefully for a tomato hornworm. They are pretty big with a voracious appetite - but well disguised (green and easily mistaken for a stem). They really can chomp a tomato plant down in no time!

  2. Yup, Karen's right - it's a tomato hornworm. I've seen them in action before and they're GROSS. They're the reason I don't grow tomatoes anymore. And hey, thanks for the shout-out.

    I love, love, love your motorcycle photos. Dave and I went out for a toot last night and it's so much fun.


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