Wednesday, 4 July 2012

HOT, HOT, HOT & An Award?

First off the top I would like to thank Mrs. Thrifty over at , for being so kind to think of me by awarding me the ...

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Liebster means dearest in German~isn't that lovely?  I think it a great way of encouraging new bloggers with less than 200 followers.  I follow a handful of blogs, who I daily look forward to their new post(s), as I admire and respect each and every one for them being "themselves" as they show through in each of their own blog.

Here are, only four I recommend to you:

Virna (who was my Secret Sister), along with her three friends at

Mary Ann, who I find so wholesome and refreshing at

John, my friend over at

Judy, who I just recently met by her leaving a comment on my blog at

My other blogger friends, who I follow, have already received the Liebster Award, or already have over 200 followers on theirs.  Once again, thank you for the honour of this award Mrs. Thrifty !

Now to reflect back on this very HOT, HOT, HOT day everyone in Ontario and other places seems to have been experiencing ....

This was this morning's forecast, I am sure it feels like at least 40*C with the humidex.  I spoke to my sister-in-law around 5:00 pm, and she told me it was even way too hot to go into their swimming pool.  Lake Huron is looking pretty good to me at the moment, but I am thinking Colpoy's Bay would be cooler, as it is closer ..... phew !

This morning I had an appointment with my Dentist, Dr. Pasquale (Pat) Duronio, who really is my 2nd favourite Dentist in my lifetime thus far.  North of the Checkerboard I headed to Lion's Head.  Upon entering the office I was able to meet up with Dr. Pat and his staff gathered first thing, seemingly all waiting for my arrival, NOT ... lol.

"My fun loving and very talented Dentist, Dr. Pat, along with his assistants, who are equally awesome, Shelley, who has been for awhile, and new on board, is Holly behind the desk."

"Can you believe that new gal, Holly, is a photographer and had no problems taking a picture of ME, with MY camera???  or as Dr. Pat said, "a picture of Cindy being quiet!".  It is so nice to know how loved I am .... LOL."

It was an interesting visit other then having my partial repaired, another doggie story .... to find out Dr. Pat is off to Toronto to catch a flight down to Paraquay tomorrow night, where he will be performing his dentistry magic to many who are in need:

Not Dr. Pat's first, but I am thinking 3rd trip for this cause.  I will follow up with him on his return on the 17th of July, as I have yet another appointment with him on his return for some other "quiet mouth" business.

Holly and I were able to have a bit of a "chat", afterwards when my mouth wasn't full of "guck".  Another Bruce Peninsula talent in our mist, check out Holly's website at the following link:

Thanks for sharing, Holly, I LOVE your photos !  and thanks for taking mine today too !

.... and Shelley is an awesome part of Dr. Pat's team, as she is so cheerful, cute and makes you feel relaxed and most comfortable.  Can't get much better then all of that, can you?

I came back home just after 10:00 am, but had to return for 3:30 pm to claim my "repaired" partial.  Back at home the remainder of the morning was spent doing some "Crabby Cabbie" banking downtown Wiarton, as well as a few errands while I was down there.

Returning for the 2nd time home again it was time to get lunch together, since Rob had put two Turkey legs in the Slow Cooker when I had first headed out to Dr. Pat's.

"The perfect lunch for such a hot, hot, hot day.  Turkey leg, coleslaw and a hard cooked egg."

"The heat and humidity had brought forth a couple of blooms this day.  The Yucca has begun, as well as the purple and yellow cone flowers."

I found the day to go rather quickly by the time I had gone back up to Lion's Head, and returned home, to hang out with the "pack" the remainder of the day.  I can barely believe here it is already 7:50 pm.

Nothing this day in the way of housework has been even thought about, as it has been so dang, dang, triple dang hot, hot, hot, with no air conditioning, it ain't one bit funny !

I think I will make myself a hot cup of Earl Grey, to see if that will cool me down, as I take the girls out for a run under the Maple trees, with hopes of a breeze, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. Congrats on the reward, you are definitely "dearest":) And this is so great that your dentist finds time to help others too!

  2. Your dentist sounds like a wonderful man. Your day says amazing full - the kind of day when we thank God for crock-pots :-). Have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  3. Thank you so much for the award - I apologise for being tardy lol!

    --I have been so-o-o-o-o. busy this week and to add to my woes I've done my back in and have been 'hobbled' for the last five days!


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