Tuesday, 25 October 2011

An "Uneventful" Day With A Few "Events" Thrown In

My morning has begun first with a very chilly windy outing with Mercedes, feeling very much like rain in the air.  Again !

There has been no kitchen shuffleboard playing going on yet, however there is a lot of "squeaky" toy business happening behind me at the moment ..... thanks Mercedes for the background music.

Now if I am only able to concentrate on my "yesterday".  *Sigh* here goes nothin' ....

Uneventful !  There that pretty much sums up most of my yesterday.  Easy peasy as one, two, three .... lol.  I do not think humdrum everyday chores as being too much fun, but then again, I suppose one can have "too much fun" and I must have had my fill of "fun" lately?

Oops how could I almost forget, my day was not totally uneventful as my Great Great Niece, Deja Elizabeth Marie Burnett was born.  This was a very "big" event !

Hopefully someone will email me pictures at some point .... oh yes, speaking of points, another point of a very "big" event also occurred when an old school/neighbour friend from my Hometown of Southampton stated on my Facebook page that "I was too young to be a Great Great Aunt".  Thank you, Richard, you most certainly made my heart "sing" and then some on that note !!!

"Sunday I had decided to take a picture of the Manitoba Red Maple in our front yard, as it shouldn't be much longer before it is leafless with all the nasty windy weather there has been of late.  It is actually very beautiful looking in it's present state in this picture, is it not?"

"I am not sure what these are, as they were in a Lupin I had transferred from another's garden this summer, however they are still blooming and have been all Summer on and off.  Dainty,  pretty and quite pleasing to the eye."

I just thought of another event that I had actually "proposed" yesterday .....  I challenged all group members from "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" to NOT purchase another meat product until every package of meat has been used from their freezer(s).  There has been four responses, including myself, up for the "challenge" out of 83 group members.  The challenge will not begin until this Saturday, so I am hoping there will be a more show of hands of people wanting to take the "challenge" before then.

I am so guilty of buying meat "on sale" at the grocery stores, when usually have a freezer full.  Good reason to begin this "challenge" for myself so I thought.  As already mentioned this "challenge" will begin on Saturday, the 29th of October, 2011.  Anyone wanting to participate please feel free to do so, by letting me know you will be participating, either by posting a comment to my blog, joining "Cindy's Recipe Exchange" on Facebook, or by email at justnorthofwiarton@live.ca .

I am thinking this will maybe turn out to be an annual challenge for myself .... I will be posting a picture of our own "full" freezer before Saturday.  I thought it to be "fun" to have other people participate along with me in this challenge, as the old saying goes, "the more the merrier!".  Are you up for this "challenge"????

Oh yes, there was one other non-humdrum event which occurred  .... our "mini" trip around the supper hour time.

"Since we are trying to get "Mercedes" her travelling legs, we loaded up the girls together, thinking Lexus might take her mind off the movement of the vehicle."

"We headed further on down Highway 6 into Hepworth, to the Apple Stand located in the old Duffy's Tavern's parking lot, just before you come into Hepworth from Wiarton on the right hand side.  There is lots of signage so it can't be missed."

"There is Mark, who I am sure will take the award for "Apple Salesman of the Year", helping a man who was ordering a few bushels of horse apples to be picked up the next day."

"These "apple crates" were a new addition since our last visit.  Mark had explained to us people were requesting apple crates, so Barbetta Orchards obliged by having some made.  In this gesture alone, it is obvious they aim to please their customers."

"The purpose of our "mini trip"?  Well it most certainly wasn't to "spy" on Mark, but to pick up my yearly supply of "Spys" to keep us in Apple Pies this Winter .... lol."

Barbetta Orchards will only be in Hepworth until Sunday, the 30th of October, so best be heading over there to get your "Spy" on for the Winter, or maybe something a little sweeter in the way of a "Honey Crisp", or your very own favorite brand of apple.  I, for one, will certainly look forward to Barbetta Orchards returning to their spot in Hepworth in the 2012 Apple Season.

"We made it home just before dusk, with our two "girls" enjoying the other's company in play for a bit before it was time to call it a day."

We were extremely pleased with Mercedes this trip, as there wasn't a bit of  her appearing to be car sick the whole trip, thanks to our girl, Lexus, for being such a "great" distraction.  Travel for now in pairs, it will be .... oh no, double trouble !!!  LOL .

"So ended my "uneventful" day with a few "events" thrown in after it was all said and done....."

I am not too sure how my day ahead is going to go, as I have all ready been up and at it since just after 4:00 a.m. with a few frustrating technical computer problems already messing up the start of my day ..... let's see if the local Wiarton Airport Weatherman guy can add some more to the "mess" ....

Yes sireee, Bob, I think the weather guy has added to the "mess" by the look of this forecast.

Regardless, it is a new day ahead, so I will make the best of it by having myself a new adventure, some way or another, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I won't be joining the challenge as we have too much going on with having company here for the next three weeks.



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