Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A "Muddled" Through My Day Kind of Day

It was bad enough I had a date the night before with Mr. Insomnia without having a date last night with "how in the heck did I twist my back again?".  Let me tell you it was not too romantic at all !  Finally at 3:38 a.m., I resisted and took some "meds" to go back to bed, only to arise now, it being after 7:30.

Great .... not only will I be tired today, I will be a little "dopey" as well !  LOL, you be quiet on that "note" my dear "Crabby Cabbie" !

My yesterday was not too productive at all since I really don't move too fast when I am so tired.  Maybe I did when I was younger, however those days are now behind me.

Rob & I started out first thing by going downtown to our bank to attend to some "Crabby Cabbie" business, then made our way back home to attend to some Bandit, Lexus and Chicken needs, with me hanging a load of washed clothes out on the line before I got our Dinner of Spaghetti together and on the table.

I am now just thinking how much I am going to be missing the antics of those chickens when they leave our premises Saturday only to return in quite a different state from when they left ..... I am sure if it turns out to be a profitable situation, on the chicken's behalf, it will be something we can look forward to trying again next Spring.

I was really pleased when I went out to collect the mail to see the samples I had ordered through Free Samples in Canada, whose page I "like" on Facebook, had arrived.

"I truly don't know how I ended up with so many of these little Tabasco samples, however I now have lots to share !  "Chipotle Sauce", I have never tried so I will have to read the little pamphlet that came along with it to see what and how it is to be used."

After lunch was cleaned up from and my "Crabby Cabbie" left for work, I decided since my plans for the day weren't, once again, going to work out the way I had originally planned, I would still be productive and fix up some potted plants that I hadn't got just right the first time around.

"At least the weather was cooperating with my laundry drying on the line, and by making it easier to transplant the plants by having all the mess outside."

Once I got the job at hand done, it was time to have Bandit & Lexus out for an afternoon run.

"Here is Lexus all "pooped" out from her run and fetching the ball, patiently waiting I might add, while I went in to get the camera."

"I am starting to be of the opinion we can tell how much exercise a dog has gotten by the length of it's tongue hanging out afterwards?  LOL ..... not sure about that one, however by these pictures of Lexus it certainly appears that way to me."

She is so totally much sweeter now that she is almost 2 years old and starting to "listen" much better then she used to.  Good girl, Lexus.

"Oh, this picture is for my friend, Diane, who might be dropping off a book I had lent her and is dropping back off to me this upcoming weekend.  Diane, has never been to our house before, so I thought I would post this picture so she would not get lost by driving right by us .....  LOL, this one's for you Diane !"

"I am amazed on how well this Lobelia has been doing and is still doing in this location since Spring when I planted it.  The other ones in full sun certainly did not fare so well or to long.  I will have to remember to replant more here next year, or should I say, "hopefully remember"?

Last week I had emailed a couple of my Pen pal friends, who live in other countries to see, if able, could they email me back a couple of pictures out and about where they live, so I might be able to do a comparison.

This following picture was taken by my friend, Carol, who lives in Yarm, England on the 2nd of October, on a dull morning as well I might add.

"Although not out in full force, the Fall colours have begun making an appearance in Carol's backyard ......"

"Quite the difference from my own backyard this morning, is it not?"

Carol, had sent me three beautiful pictures, the other two she had taken in Sussex, which I will share tomorrow once I have taken some more of my own to do another Fall colour comparison from in and around our very own Bruce County.

Many thanks have gone out to my friend, Carol, with me hoping she will be able to send some more pictures as Fall progresses.  I am hoping other friends I have scattered within the World will also be able to send me a couple of photos as well.

Once again, thank you Carol, as I love seeing your part of the World as you see it through your eyes.

Now onto what the Wiarton Airport weather guy has to say about the day ahead.

Frost tonight?  That does not surprise me one bit.  I suppose maybe I should be thinking about picking some more green tomatoes off their vines today.

I just received a, what I think to be, very important email this morning on Osteoporosis.  It is a link to where one can go online and attend a Virtual Education Forum on the 11th of October.

This is a "free" event, with I am sure lots and lots of very good learning information with regards to our bones.

From what I have had the chance to read so far, any questions can be answered "live" online.  An awesome education forum which can be done right in the privacy of your own home.  Nice touch you have there Osteoporosis Canada !

Today is my very one and only brother's 65th Birthday !!!  I phoned to sing him Happy Birthday, however I had forgotten he was going Moose hunting and had already left for camp this morning.  Lucky dude, he didn't have to listen to my "off key" singing first thing this morning, so that probably was a "gift" in it's self ..... lol.  It is okay, I will have to "catch up" with him when he returns from his hunting expedition, hopefully with a Moose  in tow.

Wow, it is almost 9:00 p.m., and here I still sit typing the day away ..... I best be pulling out the "rag" from behind me and get on with the day at hand, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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