Friday, 28 October 2011

It Was A Healthy Kind Of Day In South Bruce Peninsula

My yesterday was certainly was of the "healthy" kind by getting first started with the Wiarton VON SMART exercise program in the morning, coming home to a lunch of Homemade Turkey Vegetable Soup with Multi-grain bread, attending a South Bruce Peninsula Health Fair in Sauble Beach that afternoon.  Evening?  Pretty sure being in and out with Bandit, Lexus & Mercedes counts as being healthy, as I was certainly being "active" enough.

"Arriving at the Sauble Beach Community Centre around 3:00 pm the parking lot was surprisingly quite full at this time.  Good sign for attendance numbers."

"Upon first entering, what else is going on but a SMART team being lead by VON's very own SMART Coordinator, Dorothy Embacher."

"The OPP were set-up just inside the door .... um, a little healthy "crowd control" was maybe anticipated with all the SMART action going on?"

"The Home & Community Support Services.  My Mother loved attending their Day Away Program in Wiarton each Tuesday & Thursday.  They are also the program behind the "Meals on Wheels", as well as others.  They can be found at the following website link: ."

"It was nice to see Bruce County's Gateway Haven was also there being represented, as good future planning takes the worry out of our every day living pleasures.  Further information about Gateway Haven can be found at their website as follows: ."

"First Link ~ The Alzheimer's Society.  Another good service provided in Grey-Bruce along with their very much needed "Support Groups", as experiencing this disease in a loved one can be very heart wrenching at the best of times.  For further information please refer to their website: ."

"The Sauble Beach Health Team had a table set-up with their information, further inquires about their service may be found at the following link: ."

"I must admit I was impressed to see the Tennis Club being represented, as keeping "active" is one of the key factors to maintain healthy living as we age.  A contact phone number for them can be found at the following link: ."

"There is Physiotherapy in Sauble Beach, as this photo states that fact for us, however I never got a business card.  The young guy with all the pertinent information was pretty darn "good looking", so I am sure if you call the Sauble Beach Family Health Centre at 519-422-1321, they will be more then happy to point you in the right direction of his services."

"The Cooperators Insurance Company were also there.  Some more good future planning ideas to ease the worry in years to come."

"Grey-Bruce "HOME AT LAST" ?  A totally new program I was never aware of before put out there by the Canadian Red Cross.  The "HAL" program provides services to eligible seniors and adults with chronic conditions who, due to lack of resources or appropriate supports; require assistance in returning home after a hospital stay.  Need more information on this service
Contact Red Cross at 1-800-316-7534."

Another service provided by the Canadian Red Cross, which I never pictured but will refer to, is their "Disaster Management Program".  To learn more about this service they provide to the communities, please contact them through the following website link:

"As always it is nice to see the Grey-Bruce Hospice at the Health Fairs, since they provide such a "wonderful" service for people, and their families, who might require palliative care stemming from a serious illness.  I admire these people's strength for dealing and caring for such needs.  More information about Hospice may be obtained at the following website link: ."

"VON Grey-Bruce was being represented not only by their SMART Program, but in full capacity of all services they provide to the Communities.  For more information on the services VON Canada provide in your Community, please refer to their website link as follows: . "

"South Bruce Peninsula was represented, as well as being hosts to the Health Fair, by providing their own Recreation Guide.  Remember keeping busy in recreational activities keeps us fit for a more rewarding lifestyle in later years as we age."

"Another favorite of mine is the Osteoporosis Society.  Having Osteoarthritis issues myself, as well as other family members, I believe the more information we can arm ourselves with can lead us to a to better understanding by providing tools for us to manage a healthier lifestyle living with  Osteoporosis issues.  Please refer to their website as follows: "

"The Allenford Natural Health Clinic was being represented by its very own Geraldine Deenik, who can and will provide a "wealth" of information on Natural Health and its remedies.  She can be reached at 519-934-1777."

"Allenford Natural Heath Clinic also provides Massage services by Dean Shobrook, shown here demonstrating his technique.  I can personally testify to Dean's Massage techniques, as both Rob & I have used his services many times.  Dean can also be contacted at the Allenford Health Clinic's number provided in the above photo."

"This board is pretty self-explanatory, as Healthy eating habits give way also to a healthier lifestyle.  Vicki's Kitchen may be contacted y calling 519-793-6688 or by email as follows: "

Here is Dorothy, again, leading the gals in some light weight strengthening exercises which will assist "SMART ~ Seniors Maintaining Active Roles" in their everyday living activities.  Wow, Dorothy, it was nice I was able to "catch" you gals on my way in and out of the Health Fair !"

That was pretty much the Healthy kind of day I had until I returned back home to sneak myself a piece of chocolate late after supper .... remember everything in "moderation" can be healthy for us !!!  LOL.

Okay I am really feeling strapped for time this morning to thoroughly do much in the way of proof-reading, etc ... as I have three others in the "pack" to attend to, I still need to get myself dressed and ready for my trip to the Doctors "North of the Checkerboard" and I have also been having a couple stressful "technical" computer problems right off the bat this morning, so here is the weather for the day ahead on a cold frosty morning that it is outside my door at the moment .....

I am really, really off and running right now, hopefully to a more exciting day ahead then just a shot in the arm from my Doctor and any more computer problems, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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