Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The Newest Little Helper Has Her Second Visit To The Vet

I suppose where else to begin but the beginning of my day from yesterday?

*Sigh* (I do a lot of that sighing business some days), so here goes nothing, and maybe nothing much it is ..... as I am feeling "stuck" at the moment, as I this is how I get sometimes in my thoughts or life, "stuck", or sometimes with my head full of "cobwebs".

First after doing bathroom and exercise duty with Bandit, Lexus, and little Mercedes, I had to start thinking about getting Dinner ready.  I retrieved beets from the garden, began the chopping of carrots and onions,and the peeling of 'taters, to get everything rolling for the Chicken Pot Pie I was making.

It took more time then usual, as I was also kept busy going in and out of the kitchen to keep an eye on a little someone, who on occasion came in to the kitchen to help me .....

"What do you mean, I am not loading it right?"  

At one point, when of course I didn't have my camera at hand, she almost crawled right in the dishwasher !  LOL

I finally get the beets and 'taters on to boil, and the Chicken Pot Pie together and in the oven, then who decides to lay down and stay out of mischief but ......

"Now how much fun would it have been laying around watching you while you were trying to get things done?"

There is that old Murphy's Law coming into play again !!!

After Rob was up and at it for the day it didn't seem long until it was Dinner time.  We had our dinner along with a fast cleanup just before it was time I had to run out the door with Mercedes in tow, as we had to head down the line further south in Bruce County to our Vet's in Mildmay, as she was due for her second set of shots.

I have been playing with the idea of participating with a group who hosts a SkyWatch Friday with people participating from all over the World.  I haven't had a real whole lot of time lately to thoroughly read through their rules yet, however it is registered somewhere deep within on my list to do so.  However as I was driving down the Grey-Bruce line, it was in my thoughts.

"Um, from what I just read last night, reading your own weather can be done, as you can tell by this picture how hard could that be?  LOL, the writing is in the clouds is it not?"

"We made it safely to our destination without a drop of rain.  Maybe that darkness carried itself over the Grey-Bruce line into Grey County, leaving Bruce County out of the clear for the time being?  LOL."

"It is a little bit of a drive for us to go down to Mildmay, but let me tell you the staff at the Mildmay Veterinary Clinic make it well worth it, as they are always so pleasant and helpful.  Oh I do think Jaron and Cindy are back behind that tall counter somewhere?"

"Wow, the staff just happened to be doing a fundraiser for a foundation I just happen to follow on Facebook, it being "The Farley Foundation"."

"Oh man, and why oh why did they have to sell "baked goods" to raise money?  Oh dear, more through the lips and straight to the hips moments for me, as how could I resist NOT showing my support?" (PS I didn't eat all the goodies by the time I got back home, leaving a couple on the plate for Rob, he,he,he .....)."

"The Farley Foundation" provides care for beloved pets who needs veterinary care when an owner can't afford treatment.  This can be a sad reality for many seniors and people with disabilities, so this is where the foundation comes in.  The foundation can be followed by "liking" their page on Facebook, or by bookmarking their page to their link as follows:  

Trust me the foundation will come back to my mind once I step back on those bathroom scales at the end of the week ..... but it was to a cause I am passionate about, so does that make it all better?  I wish ...... lol.

I was so excited, as we got to meet some Whippets, up close and in person.  They are so delicate and pretty looking .....

"This would be Lily, the tiny gal, and her son, the big guy, Wiz.  Love their colour, guess with our very own Bandit being a Blue Merle, I am kind of partial to the colouring."

" .... and their owner, Cherie, owner of Arreau, who also breeds and raises CKC registered Red Standard Poodles.

Here I am so caught up in "goodies" and "Whippets", I almost forgot where I was going with this .... oh yes, the purpose of the trip to the Vet.

"Who other then our very own newest "Checkerboard Aussie" gal, "Mercedes", who was a real good girl for Dr. Jean Whale.  Thank you Dr. Whale for making Mercedes first visit a most pleasant one."

"With the business of the day attended to we made our way back home "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard", however not first with stopping in Scone at my most favorite produce farm to buy fresh eggs."

That was pretty much our day as a whole, as  by the time we got back home it was well into after the 4:00 p.m. hour, and the evening mostly consisted with a couple catchup phone calls to my sisters, Jeanne and Donna, and a couple of outside runs with Bandit, Lexus and Mercedes.

On to the Wiarton

.... what's this? a Rainfall Warning in effect !!!!

I best be getting my rubber boots lined up and my rain slicker out, as it doesn't look like it is going to be "outside potty training the puppy" kind of weather for quite some time ......

I hate to "blog" and run, however it is 7:29 a.m., and I need to be somewhere to pickup someone at 8:15.  I am still sitting here in a state of ..... well let's just say, "it isn't a very pretty picture" kind of state, so I really am off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. I donated to something when I was in the vet's last week and got a foldable water bowl for when we go hiking with Molly...........hold on, we barely take her for a walk, never mind about hiking!!!

    I love greyhounds, but they require exercise, and remember I am allergic to exercise!!!



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