Thursday, 20 October 2011

I Really Need To Get On The "Band Wagon" !

I am sure I had mentioned a couple of days ago, it is definitely NOT going to be "new puppy potty" training weather by any means for the next while by the looks of the forecast and/or the weather right outside my doorstep that is going on at the moment, which has been going on for the past how many hours now????  at least the past 15 or more !!!

My yesterday consisted of spending the morning down at the Tara Legion doing another Module for the VON SMART Program course I am taking.  This module was Theory on the Basic Concepts of Anatomy and Movement Anatomy.  I can barely pronounce "anatomy" without thinking about it, never mind anything else .... oh I did come away with one very important, or what I thought to be important,  fact, it being that we have 700 muscles !!  I am very proud of myself that I was able to retain that little bit of information .... oh yes, and from the week before, I have NOT forgotten that we also have 206 bones in our body.

I am sure there will be a Quiz somewhere at the end of this course, so I best be hanging onto any knowledge I have managed to keep recorded up in amongst those cobwebs that keep returning day after day ..... lol.

Another gal, Cathy, who also lives in the Wiarton area, drove to Tara and back with me, most certainly made the drive so much enjoyable.  I found it fun sharing bits and pieces of our lives with each other, as sometimes this can pave the road towards a "new" friendship.  I love meeting new people and making new friends and/or acquaintances.  This is the beauty of volunteering one's services, you do meet new people and can sometimes develop new friendships.  It is one part of how the "World Goes Around", as I see it.

Part of my yesterday consisted of trying to find some misplaced, or should I say, "thought to be misplaced" paperwork for a very "Crabby Cabbie" !  The worse part was after going through all the the paperwork collected from the past six weeks, three times, the paper he was looking for was right in front of him which I had first handed to him !!!  *Sigh* he is SO lucky I love him as much as I do !!!!

.... but then again, when I had returned home from Tara and walked into our basement, I noticed right away  it had been all tided up and vacuumed, so how could I stay upset with my most favourite "Crabby Cabbie"?  It is a twofold relationship and I am content to see it out for the duration .... lol.

This has just brought to mind something I had come across just a week ago ....

I am certain should anyone would come along and ask my husband if his wife tells him she loves him enough, his answer would be "she never stops telling me, and it has to be at least twenty times a day, more or less !".   LOL, there are never enough " I Love You's" in one day, as far as I am concerned.

I am also sure my son, Paul, would also testify to this fact of how much I express my "I love you's", as well as my sisters, Jeanne & Donna, and my brother, Alan, except when I spoke to him on the phone yesterday, we hung up without me saying, "I love you", and I felt regret as soon as I had set the phone down.  I will have to call him back today on some other pretense today just so I can tell him, "I love you".

I am of the opinion there is no greater emotion then "love", whether it be felt or given.  I hope I NEVER hesitate to tell someone who I love, "how much I do love them" !  Feeling and giving love is one of life's greatest rewards, as it can show how selfless one is .....

*Sigh* now I have released all those "good" feelings of love and emotion, I need to really start thinking of a way to get on the "Band Wagon" !!!

First off, "getting on the band wagon" defined:

"To become involved in an activity which is successful so that you can get the advantages of it yourself."

In my case, I need to get on the "Band Wagon" to start a consistent daily exercise routine program for myself, as I have found myself faulting in this area since I had my last knee surgery last November.  It has been long overdue ....  so not to go too "gun ho" into something, one needs to begin by easing themselves into any activity.  I am thinking I will to remind myself of this, and maybe take a little advice from another read I had also just recently come across, "Workout Program for People Who Hate Working Out".

This article states what most of already know, however it reinforces this knowledge with gentle reminders on how to begin again, and proceed from there.  Interested?  well feel free to enjoy the read as much as I did at the following link:

With a read like this one, or any one for that matter, I take from it what works for me and leave the rest.

I have NOT set a date yet for when I am getting back on the "Band Wagon", but I am leaning towards next Monday, so I might as well just mark my Calendar, quit procrastinating and DO IT !!!

Wow, I am just a "wealth of information" today, am I not?  I totally surprise myself somedays, when I first sit here with not a thought in my head, and then the dam opens up, and "watch out" before you find yourself getting bowled over .... LOL.

I am sure I could do the weather forecast myself today, however I really like the relationship I am in with the Wiarton Weatherman guy, so here it is .....

Is that a yellow mark I see in front of me in that long term forecast?  I almost fell off my chair !  We will see, we will see ......

Bandit isn't too overly fussy on going out in this weather, sometimes amazing me on how long he can "hold it", Lexus doesn't care about the weather one iota, and Mercedes, I have noticed most certainly gets her business done pretty fast and heads right back to the door, and I ?  what choice really do I have?  I am the "Leader of the Pack", am I not?  LOL

This is just how it is, but how it is going to be any moment now is me heading towards my kitchen to the making of that second cup of Java before I go any further into my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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  1. Molly is also a dry weather dog and has to be encouraged/pushed to go outside!!

    Gill where it is raining....


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