Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Day Tripping From the Narrow Bridge, Indiana To Bruce County Ontario

I most certainly hope the last few days was not the last run of our "unbelievably fantastic" weather this Fall, as I am feeling pretty greedy for more and certainly hoping for an equally fantastic Indian Summer ......

Speaking of Indian, I am thinking Indiana sounds pretty close to that so I am thinking this would be a wonderful time to share another one of my friend's Fall Day Trips and go all the way to the Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, USA for this one ....

"At the edge of the park my friend, Carol, who lives in Indiana, USA, took these pictures of the Narrow's Covered Bridge, a week ago.  I am going to sit back, sip my cup of Java and take in the beauty of it all through Carol's eyes."

Wow, Carol, thanks so much for sharing this part of your Fall with me, and you know if I ever "fall" into some money, I will be coming on down to Indiana to see all these sights in person with you !!!

Back here yesterday in my own Bruce County world, my dearest Rob humoured me and took me on one of my most favourite Fall drives ...... as here I get to enjoy it once again whilst still sipping on my cup of Java.

"Winding in and around from the back roads Rob takes us from Wiarton to a spot where Fall is glorified through its beauty along the Rankin Bridge Road .......

"This is so much like a painting it gives me the feeling I could "walk right into it" continuing further along the road."

"We arrive at the end of the Rankin Bridge Road where it takes us out to the Sauble Falls."

"This whirlpool made by Mother Nature is located almost directly below the Sauble Falls Bridge we were standing on."

"To further enjoy the day at hand, we made our way back, once again along the Rankin Bridge Road, to further enjoy the Fall sights where we stopped to take in a peaceful view of the Rankin River at one its calmest points."

"This field of milkweed brought back childhood memories when I used to pretend a milkweed pod was a "fish"; I imagined this, as the shape of a milkweed pod appeared to me to be the same shape as a small fish to me, as it still does now .... lol."

 "Then we come upon a home that could possibly be one of my "dream" homes ..... "

"..... which just happens to be for sale !  Dang it all and triple dang, just can't do it right now; another lifetime maybe ?  Will keep my fingers and toes crossed on that one !"

"Closer to Wiarton, along roads with open farm fields, we come across quite a motley crew of characters."

"This guy was getting a little "ruffled" as we got closer."

Wow that was some enjoyable Fall Adventure all the way from Indiana to my own backyard of Bruce County ..... thanks to Carol for sharing her Day Trip with me, and to Rob for taking me for a mini Day Trip yesterday.

Reality check .... the whole of our day was not such the "wonderful" picture as all the posted pictures depict, as there was more wood chunked, split and piled in the woodshed, as well as the lawn being cut, however the feeling of accomplishment while the sun still shone was pretty good.

" ..... and so our yesterday ended with feelings of "goodness" and "accomplishment"; Pink sky at night, sailors delight, pink sky in the morning, sailors warning."

"Pink sky at night, sailors delight, pink sky in the morning, sailors warning".  I think I will check with the Wiarton Airport's weather guy to see what he has to say about this .....

I don't know if that old wives tale is going to pan out today ?  Not looking too good according to this forecast.

Regardless of the weather, I have a busy day ahead of me today and had better get started at it or I will miss out, so here I go, once again, off and running, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. thanks for the info on the tree, I do believe you're right and it is a black walnut. So I now have to get rid of the snakes and try and harvest the idea how as that is one huge tree!!

    Loved your photos. Forecast not looking good here either.


  2. Hi, I stumbled on your blog while looking for pictures of a place I spent my childhood summers and I believe you may actually have a picture here of the land where the old farmhouse once stood. If you are traveling along the Rankin Bridge Road heading away from the falls, there is a spot where you finally come out of the trees and the road curves sharply to the right. There is an open field on the right, a "pine forest" on the left and a short stretch of road before it curves sharply again around to the left and then runs long and straight through open land. The open field on the right, just after the first sharp curve is where our family's "cottage" once was. It burned down in 1980 and my grandfather who also planted the pines across the way (he passed in '93) let the parks have the land who in turn bulldozed what was left. If you look closely while walking the land, you can still find small remnants of the house, barn and stables. I currently live in Texas and haven't been able to get back there in 12 years so your pictures are a very welcome walk down memory lane for me... I was able to imagine riding in the car down the Rankin Bridge Road watching the trees go by, seeing the mounds and humps in the forest that I imagined were "indian burial mounds" and remembering cresting the one last "big" hill before the trees would open up showing us our home away from home. I have many fond memories of the place, thank you for posting these pictures!

    1. I know exactly where you are speaking of..thanks for leaving a comment. Maybe you will be able to return to South Bruce Peninsula some day.


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