Thursday, 13 October 2011

"Chainsaw Art" Where Else Other Then Right Here In Bruce County ???

My suspicions were right and here I sit with a full-blown head cold, which I don't think I need to be describing for myself since I am feeling all of its effects.  If I thought I couldn't retain any information before, I really can't now with the way my head is feeling.  I suppose I have just been having way too much fun and had gotten myself all run down ..... I wish this had been the case, at least the fun would have been worth the cold, would it have not?  LOL

Oh man, sickness never comes at the right time does it?  Oh well it is just a "cold", so I best be getting on with my yesterday.

I had a full day spent with some other ladies doing another Module of learning for the VON SMART program.  Since it was held in Tara I had needed to leave 45 minutes ahead in order to be there by 9:00 a.m..  Our instructor, Cathy McDowell, who is all rather new at this coordinator business herself, did a wonderful job keeping the otherwise rather boring course material of Skeletal Anatomy  rather light and fun, so the time pretty much flew by until we all realized it was lunch time.  Cathy also had provided a wonderful healthy lunch for all us gals, as well as coffee and refreshments throughout the day, which we all really appreciated. Once lunch was over with the rest of the day carried on quite nicely being pretty much over with by the scheduled time of 3:00 p.m..

If I didn't come away with anything about that Module subject, I have certainly came away with knowing there is 206 bones in my body, and I want to keep them strong, healthy and moving, so I will keep attending the VON SMART Exercise program !!!   I was happy to have retained some information in my head yesterday, as I don't think I will be that fortunate today .... lol.

Since my day before yesterday was so busy with the beauty of Autumn that I had shared yesterday, I will now share the every beginning of that day now, as I didn't want to have one take away from the other as it would have been too overwhelming to share it all at once. So I will now share the beginning of our Tuesday ...

Rob and I had been dropping off our vehicle to be oil sprayed for the Winter, and as we were driving down the street I was totally elated to see our very own Bruce County Chainsaw Artist was right there working on a new creation, or as I found out was actually finishing it.

I was so happy to have been able to meet the "face and talent" behind the "art".

"This is how I found Bobbi Switzer, Chainsaw Sculptor, when I was first walking towards her and her newest creation."

"Bobbi was kind enough to take a little bit of time to explain a few things to me while I was there."

"Since I was on my way elsewhere and Bobbi had finishing touches to finish, she got her Business Card for me so that maybe we could "hookup" again sometime with each other when it would work for both of us and not be just a "chance" meeting such as it had been this day."

Bobbi is one talented gal, originally from Shallow Lake I might add, and now residing in Bruce County where we both agreed we were both drawn back to Bruce County for each of our own reasons ..... she is also such an easy going and easy to talk to kind of person with a sweetness about her all rolled into one.  I certainly can't wait until we meet again.

In the meantime you can drive down anyone of Wiarton's streets or even along main street and see Bobbi's work displayed here and there.  I am happy there is now another new piece Lexus, Bandit and I can now enjoy on our walks into town.

Bobbi also has her own website where you will find more of her creations available for purchase or information to have your own piece commissioned by her, just drop on in to:

I must say, the Town of Wiarton and the whole of Bruce County are very fortunate to have such an amazing talent right here in our own backyard, as I am certainly proud to say, I am, thanks to Bobbi's unique art.  If you would like to see an interesting Blog Post on comparing Wiarton Chainsaw Art to Orangeville's, click here!

This head cold has really not made it too easy for me to "blog" this morning, so I hope at least I did Bobbi justice in explaining the little bit I was able to.

Okay onto the weather at hand for the day ahead:

It is most certainly looking like a good day, or maybe I should say, a good week, to just stay right in bed ..... I wish, NOT !!!

I am off and not running towards my kitchen for that second cup of Java this morning, as I think I will take a detour and be heading back towards the direction of my bed, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".

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