Thursday, 11 August 2011

My Trusty Little Camera & I Are Heading Out For An Adventure

Today is the day I am heading down the road to my friend's, Bob and Tim's home in the Village of New Dundee, Ontario.  My poor house, as Rob, Bandit and Lexus will be heading up the helm...oh poor me on my

Other then being a little worried and concerned about Tim after his double knee surgery, I am looking forward to his release in a few days that I will be there to help out.  I am sure by me "helping" out, Bob is looking forward to my Cooking by the sounds of some of the telephone conversations him and I have had  Actually I stopped in and bought a basket a peaches to take along so I can make him a fresh Peach Pie tomorrow, so that should make him happy.

I am also hoping to be able to visit Bob's Mother, whom I have not seen forever !  .....and who I think is one of the most "wonderful" people in this World.

Yesterday I did manage to get Rob's laundry done between the rain showers and the very blustery North/West winds.  I am surprised my laundry wasn't out in our fields at some point, as it was that windy at times!  I also got 6 litres of peaches prepared, bagged and in the freezer for Winter pies.

"Yummy, not looking forward to Winter, but will most certainly love having Pie in the midst of it."

When I was just about to open the side door out to my laundry line, I just happened to notice a Woodpecker having his morning breakfast out there.  Off to get my camera I went with hopes he would still be there on my return.  I had to take the pictures through the window, as not to scare him off, but they still turned out much to my delight.

Make sure you "click" on the pictures with your mouse to enlarge the picture into another window for a closeup, then you can hit your back button at the top to take you back to the body of my blog.

"Here he is just repositioning himself to get a better dining spot I am sure."

"This one shows him "digging" right in.  That is quite the beak you have there, Mr. Woodpecker !"

I was thinking I was only going to have the one picture of the "bagged peaches" for today's blog until this big guy came to my

Other then my usual routine of tidying up, I just got myself cleaned up and packed what I am taking along with me.....and that was pretty much my whole day in a "nutshell", other then enjoying the BLT's I made for our supper with those juicy favorable tomatoes I had bought.  Um mm, so good where they !

Oh yes, I did have a fantastic telephone conversation with a VON Coordinator regarding a SMART Program they have for woman/men, 55 plus in age, here in Wiarton throughout the Winter months.  It is a weekly "light" exercise program they provide for these women and/or men.  I am really quite "pumped" about it, but don't have time right now to go into all the details at the moment, but I will be following up with the coordinator on my return, so will be sure to have more about it at that time !

Okay I had best be seeing what that weather is going to be doing as I take my leave down Hwy. 6 this morning.


Mainly sunny. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h gusting to 40 this morning. High 23. UV index 8 or very high.


Clear. Low 12.

Looking pretty good at the moment, so I am sure hoping it will be equally good down Kitchener and area way.

I am taking along my laptop, and Bob and Tim do have a computer at their house which I am always welcome to use, since it is my "Home Away From Home".   I think I will be well setup there to do my daily blog with a different spin at a new local !  Whoo hooo, away from my everyday humdrum and onto different horizons !  LOL, for a little bit anyhow.

Truly though, I am really going to miss my Rob, Bandit and Lexus, as I certainly think they will be missing me too, even though Rob says he won', you surely have to know my "Crabby Cabbie's" sense of humor on that one !

Okay I have lots to do yet here before I take to the road, so I am off and running, once again, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".
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