Saturday, 27 August 2011

Just A "Peachy" Kind of Day

Yesterday morning I returned from my Doctor's office, "North of the Checkerboard", to face the tune of 4 Baskets of Peaches that needed to be put down for the Winter.  Right off the bat I got a pot of water boiling so I could hot bath them first to make peeling them a "snap".

"From start......."

" finish, 5 bags full."

LOL, everytime I look at a picture my Kitchen Kats, IKE (aka, I Know Everything) and ICE (aka, I C Everything) are in, I laugh at IKE being so fat and content, and ICE looking like she is from the "50's Era", and in the need of a Poodle dress.....I am still laughing, but they do make the "purrrfect" couple in my eyes.

As far as the Peaches go, I think this is, along with 3 other bags in our freezer, quite sufficient for the upcoming Winter months, as there is still Spy Apples ahead of me to put down in October.  Lots of Pie fruit, however I am a little `shy`on Rhubarb unfortunately due to my patch getting really punky with all the Spring rain we had.

I also got some of my "usual" phone calling done yesterday with a couple "important" calls inbetween the "personal" ones,  I also got a "finished" product via email the other day, and just cannot get over the likeness it is to my very one and only.....

"My "Crabby Cabbie", don't you think?  LOL."

Is that not a truly "fantastic" resemblance of my very own "Crabby Cabbie" captured by the Artist, Russ Ewing?  Anyone in need of Artwork, feel free to contact Russ anytime at his personal email address as follows: .

Since the Peaches took me a little bit to almost 2:00 p.m., after the cleanup, most of the day had passed by then.  I was still able to help Rob by cutting part of the front lawn with the other Riding Lawnmower he wasn't using, until his died and he took over for me.  After the lawn was finished Rob got called out, so Bandit, Lexus and I picked some beets and yellow beans from the garden for supper.

*Sigh* I ended up grilling supper again....getting to be quite the habit, lol.  Earlier in the day I had rubbed chicken legs with Lemon Pepper, and had sliced Zucchini marinating in Zesty Italian Dressing as well, so this is what I grilled for our last night's supper.

"I grilled eight pieces of chicken so I am not having to worry what to give Rob for lunch today!"

"Yummy, nothing like the taste of your own produce fresh out of the garden."

We eat enough potatoes in the Winter months, so I try to substitute them with lots of other fresh cooked veggies while they are in Season.  I absolutely LOVE Summer !!!

I have a busy day ahead of me with some laundry to wash and hang out, two loaves of Blueberry Zucchini bread I want to make, freezing the remainder of the blueberries, and some much need dusting/vacuuming to be done, not to mention two bathrooms that could use a good cleaning.  Not thinking this will all happen today, but I sure would like to get a "dent" in it somehow.

Good thing Rob is working today, which will allow me "lots of room" to move around in, if you get my drift?

Since I was sitting in our living room from 2:00 until 3:00 a.m. this morning, I found myself doing a puzzle from an online puzzle site I find to be quite amusing.

Sure passes the time.  I also found it to be quite relaxing..... for myself anyway, and I was able to back to bed and get a couple of hours more sleep afterwards (worked this time, but next, we will see).

I also have a video I have been meaning to share for some time now, so I might as well do that while it is on my mind again.  The following link is an aerial video of the Port Elgin's Beach, which is the town where I went to High School, 5 miles from my Hometown of Southampton.  They are both considered as one now under the name of "Saugeen Shores", however they are still South and Port to me.  Video compliments of Explore the Bruce.

Wow, music and everything !  Love the aerial videos !

I suppose I had better check out the Wiarton Airport's weather forecast since I am planning on hanging laundry out on the clothes line today.

Thirty percent showers this morning, so I will hold them to that by doing my laundry and hopefully hanging it out to dry after the showers have showered themselves out.

I best be trying to be a little bit quiet and let my "Crabby Cabbie" get some much needed sleep, since he got home so early this morning and needs to refuel for his day ahead.  So here I go off and running, quietly for the moment, into my day ahead, "Just North of Wiarton & South of the Checkerboard".


  1. got my laundry out as it is breezy here,


  2. Thanks for your ear last night. Mother got home at 830am this morning. I just talked to Jeanne for few mins . so good to hear her voice. xoxo HW


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